Watopia Four Horsemen - avoid if possible

So I completed the course today but got no badge or XP. Did a few extra kms (finished with 95) but nothing. Posting this in case someone else rides the course expecting to get the finish badge and XP.

You’re feed is locked so can’t see your activity to confirm what may have gone wrong. But I do know a group did the Four Horsemen Sunday on a group ride and got the badge for it.


Hi mate,

Thanks for replying and I have now made my ride public. I passed under the finish line but didnt receive a bade or extra XP but glad you did.

Did this on Sunday and got the badge

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Your profile still isn’t public (in Zwift).

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I’m making a right hash of this - lol. I now should have made my profile public so hopefully you can see the route I completed was the Four Horsemen but for some reason I didn’t receive a badge or XP.

Any thoughts? Is this a glitch or just me?

Thanks - no idea what went wrong for me but I will try and amend the thread title as I dont want to mislead anyone.

If you’re talking about the ride you did today, it is not the Four Horsemen route. On the 4H the Volcano is the second climb, but on yours it’s the last. Did you make manual turns after you spawned, because it looks like you were ‘off route’ from very near the start of your ride.

Thank you and everyone else for helping sort this out - you are a great bunch.

No manual turns at any stage so that is very frustrating. At least now I know to look at the stage profile before and from that keep an eye so that this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks again for your help, Happy New Year.