Four Horseman route completed but not badge not earned?

Logged into Zwift, selected the Four Horsemen route and then pressed the “Ride” button (pretty much what one does every time they want to complete a route).

Crossed the banner where the route is supposed to complete and…nothing happened. Rode a bit further but still nothing. I stopped and saved the ride when I started heading towards what look like a second lap of it!

According to Strava, I have completed the “Four Horsemen (Zwift Insider verified)” segment.

Oh yeah, it’s the very last route I had to do to complete every route - not really keen on having to do it again because of technical glitches

I had exactly the same issues 20 min later.

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Hi Meredith, I’ve also had 2 other people tell me they experienced the same thing (ie no badge awarded after completing the “Four Horsemen”) since they latest Zwift update. This cannot be a coincidence or “user error” - this has to relate to the latest Zwift update.


I experienced the exact same thing. Just completed the ride. I kept on going thinking there was a lead in adding a few extra km but when it started taking me to the volcano KOM I was pretty sure doing a second lap.

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That’s what happened to me yesterday with The Über Pretzel. 166,3 km. No badge. No XP. :slight_smile:


I have done most badges, had never a problem…
Now it happened on Thursday, Petit Boucle in France (Meet-up).
Not a big deal for me, but seems to be a bug.
Win 10 + ZC, no problems, log file OK.

Same here - did the 4 horsemen route this morning and no badge awarded


Same here, have completed three Watopia routes since last Wednesday and no badges earned. Also no message route completed while finishing the route. Very frustrating! Seems like a bug in the last Zwift update

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DBR hosted a race on Four Horsemen Saturday at 10:30 CET. Only about 20% of those who made it to the finishline actually got a result and a route badge. Rest either crashed or never saw the finish line. Quite frustrating for all who took part.

I’m still yet to hear back from Zwift re my query :man_shrugging:


Same problem here. Just finished the four horsemen. No route badge, but also no sync to Strava. This way I never get all the badges nor the veloviewer achievements. :frowning_face:


Expect to do it again. There have been multiple glitches since Zwift added these route badges, with many Zwifters not getting the badge when expected, but Zwift will tell you there’s nothing they can do about it.

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Exactly the same thing on Uber Pretzel today.
And no chance to check if it’s fixed or not except one more attempt on UP or PRL((

Yeh same finished on 6 sept 2020. No badge or animation. I totally don’t want to ride this route again.

I’ll be rather unimpressed if that’s the response I get. If I’m paying for a service, the service should work as expected. Otherwise, I shouldn’t have to pay.
Given the badge failed to trigger after the first attempt, what guarantees do I have it will trigger if I try again? :man_shrugging:


Yes, it would be better if everything worked perfectly, including the idea that 100% of the time you finish a route, you get the badge without any issues. I agree. But surely you aren’t saying that the service for which you pay (and for which you don’t think you should have to pay if it doesn’t come to fruition) is specifically getting badges? At the most basic level, you pay to be entertained while you do a workout, so that it isn’t excruciatingly boring riding indoors—and, while yes it’s a bummer not to get the badge, you did, in fact, get your workout.


Oh I agree the badge functionality is only part of the service - and I am not expecting it to be completely free. I did get a workout, however I also would not have done the route had it not been for the achievement badge at the end of it. Now that I have completed that route, I expect the “reward” of the badge being applied - it’s a pretty simple transaction. I have done my bit and I expect Zwift to do theirs.

Yes it might sound trivial to some, but personally the badges provided a motivation (as it has for many others to get the “full set”). If Zwift can’t fulfill this very basic functionality, why release this functionality in the first place?

With so many others reporting the same issue, this cannot be blamed on user error, so it’s up to Zwift to “make good” on their side to get this to work. Being told “you need to ride the route again” (which appears to be the standard Zwift response) is a cop-out. Given the badge failed to trigger the first time the route was completed, there’s certainly no guarentee the badge will trigger the next time.


I just had the same thing happen to me.

In the route list it says Four Horsemen has a 0.6K lead-in. I thought that was maybe a typo, so I did another 7K or so (to 97 total), but no badge.


Yup same here, happened two days ago too.

Very frustrating and seemingly no acknowledgement of the issue thus far.

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Did Four horsemen yesterday but didn’t get the badge either. Never happened during any of the other routes and this was one of the last four I had left.

Sent Zwift an email to se if they can add the badge manually.