Foru Horsemen Badge not recognized

Hi there,
I’m from Italy. First time I write here and I’m really disappointed because today I’ve made Four Horsemen course, which is a really demanding one, but in the end… Zwift hasn’ recognized me the route badge.

I’ve completed the route finishing at the Downtown arrival.
Along the way I haven’t taken any shortcut, nor direction changes… the only thing is I’ve stopped for like 20 minutes after Alpe du Zwift descent and my heart-rate sensor wasn’t working today (but this shouldn’t be related to route problems).

What can I do? Do I have to make it again to get the badge?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Please read this thread: Four Horseman route completed but not badge not earned?

Hi, same here. Been tracking this problems 2weeks ago. There is nothing you can do but Zwift. Sadly seem like they don’t give a damn about to rewards us the badge nor fix the problem.

Closing this thread to keep the focus on the main one I posted earlier.

Ride On!