DBR SufferDay League - 4 Horsemen bugs


We had our first stage today - nearly 50 riders didn’t get on the resultlist, either on Zwift nor Zwiftpower when finised. They didn’t get their Routebadge either. Its not cool to arrange an event where some riders use 3-5 hours and then not get in the results/have the route badge.

Some say its a code which Zwift needs to fix, i dont know anything about it, just not nice to tell people we are sorry for this problem. Can you put some light on this issue?

Søren - Danish Bike Riders

I know of 5 people besides your group who have ridden the *Four Horsemen" route in the past 1-2 days who didn’t get the badge (including myself). With this many people reporting the same problem, surely this is not user error, but a tech issue.


DId 4 Horsemen on 9/14/20 - went past the finish banner and part of a second loop. DId not get badge. Am getting increasingly frustrated with Zwift

Zwift are aware of the bug - Lets hope they fix it soon. We have raced it 3 times… Good training though :wink:

See this thread. There’s a bug in the route definition for 4 Horsemen and Uber Pretzel which causes the rider to go off track at the top of the radio tower. So avoid these two routes.