Bugs in latest Zwift release - DBR Friday Race - Category Enforcement

I did the ‘DBR Friday Race - Category Enforcement’ today at 16:00 UK time. As we approached the final 300m sprint and the distance was counting down, somehow an extra 5km appeared in the counter and counted down all the way to 0! Also, on crossing the finishing line, there was no banner or any confirmation that we had finished.
Finally, Zwift Power website shows 36 Cat B riders taking part. Clicking on the link shows only 4 Cat B racers. Can you please fix the bug and also fix the data?

That looks totally screwed - the event was for the Country to Coastal @ 33.6km’s and most of you folks did Countryside Tour. The ones that appear in ZP “Results” did the correct course and the rest of you are listed in “live” as non-finishers.

@Patrick_Tan_AsC_Race had what appears to be the same thing happen to him

I doubt your result can be fixed since you went the wrong way (not your fault) but getting Zwift to fix the root cause should be the focus.

Thanks @Dean, you hit the nail on the head there :). Also, I wasn’t aware of the ‘live’ tab until your post, so very useful info.
Really frustrating that this happened and another case of Zwift software releases with serious bugs. Come on Zwift - software release quality has to improve!!

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PS this is the 4th time (well 3rd I guess) I’ve done ‘Country to Coastal’ and I thought whilst riding it this time it wasn’t exactly what I expected/remembered. It hadn’t occurred to me that we’d been misdirected by the Zwift s/w :wink:

A similar bug popped up 18months ago (ish) where people badge hunting would start a free-ride route and get weirdness with distance remaining and complaining that they didnt get the badge etc. When looking at logs and the activity, they all started the route in the wrong direction right from the start but none of them realised that fact until it was pointed out to them. People blamed Apple remotes and u-turn buttons but logs proved that Zwift just sent them the wrong way despite the log files showing the correct route was selected. It still pops up infrequently (so not fixed) and could well be related to this issue, though these were individual rides. Zwift can do some strange things at times!

Yes, looks to be a similar issue and maybe not related to the latest release.
Whilst Zwift is relatively complex cycling app, compared to others, I think the product is far too buggy. Maybe they just need to slow the release schedule and do more testing in advance ?
It would be good to hear from Zwift what they are going to do about this bug and also the general quality of Zwift releases. I understood the forum to be somewhere we can raise issues.
Thanks for all the info - that’s helpful.

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