Route Badges on long rides

Hi Guys.

Just completed both the PRL Full and Uber Pretzel. Brutally the badges haven’t appeared on the in-game menu.

  • no route adjustments were made whatsoever
  • continued to ride significant distance afterwards

Clearly, I’m not keen to spend too many days chasing 6 hr rides. Sadly this does result in a poor user experience.

Can anyone please suggest who to contact please?

Cheers. Ride On!

This problem is occurring with other users, I made an Uber pretzel and didn’t get a badge. There are other open topics on the same subject.
Good luck!

Thanks Jadson.

Hi @Craig_Needham_NMS
Oh man that’s frustrating!
The same issue is being experienced with the “Four Horsemen” route - I raised the issue via this thread. The thread is now 116 articles long with 20+ votes so clearly it is not an isolated case! More people are reporting the same disappointment with the “Uber Pretzel” - which you can obviously confirm.

re: the PRL Full, several people have also missed out on the badge, although I know of one person who was awarded it on 13/9 - the inconsistency is puzzling and frustrating.

As to who to contact, the sheer number of “Hey that happened to me too!” replies in the Four Horsemen thread led to Zwift posting this reply - I can say I did exactly what was asked in the email, and more.

A few days later I received the standard boilerplate response informing us “technical limitations” prevent them from awarding the badge after the fact, with a few useless tips like “save the ride after you finish” and “make sure you don’t take any random turns” :roll_eyes:

So what they are saying is they can support a streaming platform supporting 30,000 concurrent users, but triggering a badge is not possible? I find that very hard to believe :thinking:

The perception I have is they couldn’t be bothered doing the analysis of what was sent to them (ie log files) and they just replied with the boilerplate response, then moved onto the next email - like you said, a shockingly negative customer experience.

So there you have it - recent experience is you will zero assistance. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and they will help you! :pray:t2:

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I completed the Uber Pretzel last Saturday, 9/5 and also did not get the badge of XP. You can imagine my frustration after a 7+ hour ride. I spent a couple of hours with Zwift support but the support rep really just wanted to push it back on me as user error. She finally relented and agreed to send my ride log to tech support. However, it’s been over a week and I can’t get a response from anyone. In the mean time, I’ve heard another insider didn’t get his badge after completing the Four Horseman. There seems to be a problem with long rides and the badge and XP triggers.


Hey Courtenay -

Sorry for that experience. This was a clear miss on our part. The reason you got that boilerplate response is that it’s the answer we normally give to folks in these instances. When I posted in the other thread about sending in your logs I failed to give enough context as to why those are important and what they would do for us to help you all out.

The reason we need those files is because it will help us understand the source of the issue and prevent it from happening in the future. At this moment in time we actually don’t have a way to award the badges retroactively, which is not a good user experience. We are, however, working on being able to award those in the future. The reason we cannot, in short, is due to a few legacy issues from the early days of Zwift.

So what does this mean for you right now? It means that we are still looking into the problem, and I can assure you it’s being addressed by the appropriate teams as I was personally responsible for shepherding that one through our process. It also means that I failed to let our teams in support know how to handle this case beyond tagging it with a ticket number, and they responded in the best way they thought to at the time.

I’m sorry the experience has been sub par - though some might use some different choice words to describe it - and I want you to know that I agree with you on it being a pretty underwhelming response following a bit of legwork on your end (riding and sending logs alike).

Thanks for your understanding and your patience.


Baffling on so many levels.

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totally – legacy code from the start up days is usually baffling :smile:

where are the QA and testers?! surely have in house people test and ride the course or is 6 hours of riding too hard for them?

Paraphrasing @Flint_McInnis, “We can’t modify a record in a database due to a few legacy issues.” That certainly is a baffling statement to anyone who has ever worked as a software developer.


anything is possible probably Flint doesn’t know how to i suspect?

Hi @Flint_McInnis

Thanks for the post on this - better late than never.

It sounds like once the bug has been identified and fixed, all users who were not awarded the badge will still need to re-ride the route. This is not ideal but it sounds like as a user we have little choice in this matter :persevere:

Moving forward, can I suggest you or your team provide something of a regular update on how this fix is going please? By regular I mean every few days or so - at least communicating to the forum on a consistent basis. That way we at least know this issue has not fallen off the radar, is being worked on and we can see there is progression.

If it helps, one of the contributors to the forum posted this article which may assist in your analysis.



This may not be the response people wanted. But despite what we think about the reasons why, I’ll say that it’s actually refreshing to see a thorough response from Zwift explaining the issue and what is being done to rectify it.
The single biggest issue that I, and many others, have is the extremely poor communication and overall customer service experience. Even when things aren’t working properly, a simple, ‘we’ve been made aware of the issue…the reason it’s happening is because _______ …we’re working on a patch/update to prevent it in the future,’ goes a long way towards letting subscribers know that we’re being heard, are valued as customers and that Zwift cares.

Kudos, @Flint_McInnis!


We just want to get the badge,
thats the main reason we posted here.

If the team can’t do this, let someone else to handle this.

you would think it would be a tick box in the backend. depends if zwift want to retro add is another matter.