Group Ride to complete Achievement Badge

Hi all,

I have only 4 more routes to complete all my Achievement Badges. As you might have guessed they are 'The Big Four". Four Horsemen, Mega Pretzel, Uber Pretzel and PRL Full.

I would be great if we could have an ‘official’ social or group ride so it would make riding easier to complete the route. Especially Uber Pretzel and PRL Full.

Also riding that distance is so much easier with 100 or so Zwifters…

Any thoughts.

I love this idea

You should also search on Zwift Hacks or Zwift Power regularly for rides by route. I happen to have done the first three of the above on my Sunday ride. Good luck. :blush:

Good idea. I’m down to these routes also. (Apart from a couple of short ones in yorkshire).


I regularly search ZwiftPower (I am on ZwiftPower every few hours) for rides that will accomplish the Achievement Badges I have mentioned, but haven’t really come across and group rides. I realize Four Horsemen would be a tough ride to keep together (so I did it this morning), but I do think the last last 3 would be a great social ride. especially RPL Full.

The PRL ride London will def have large group rides organised to coincide with the IRL PRL, which will happen on 16 August. Assuming you can wait that long :slight_smile:

OK. We did Four Horsemen just the week before, so I thought it was worth mentioning.