Completed course completion not recorded

I keep finding that I complete new courses but they are not marked as completed in my badge profile. Any reason why and how can I rectify this issue?

I do get the Strava record showing I have completed the course and the completion message does appear on my screen after passing the finishing post.

This has occured around 8 times so far.

Happened again this morning on the London Surrey Hills course. Looks like I need some help. Do not want to complete the Uber Pretzel or the PRL Full and find out the rides do not count!

Can you tell potential responders what system you’re on (device / device version / operating system / etc), and how you’re hooked up (BT, ANT+, dongle, etc)?

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I have an Elite Direto X Trainer. Connected to a Macbook Air Laptop. A ANT dongle for my Heart Rate.

I connect to the internet through a wireless connection. All seems to work fine except my course achievement not being uploaded sometimes.

Are you making any manual turns?

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No Manual turns when on the course.

I did the Full PRL on Sunday with the #Herd, at the end I got the big splash across the screen ( having picked up the 100 mile on the way), I also got elevated to level 40 with the xtra XP points

However the badge is not showing in my collection. ( although the half IS showing)

I don’t want t do that 7 hours again!

@Paul_Allen You can see from looking at @JJ_1940 's activities in ZC (sorry to be a stalker lol) that he is doing the official route, since ZC shows the completion badge as earned. Weird. Any chance, John, that you’re intentionally or unintentionally logged into Zwift on multiple devices–even if you only actually use one device to ride? I.e. I use an ATV4k exclusively to ride, but I have Zwift loaded on my phone, a laptop, etc. Be sure Zwift is only open/active on one device at a time.

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Are you seeing other riders on the course? Any issues with leader boards or anything else? Do you use OneDrive?

^ Same is true for @SteveK ; ZC clearly shows the “Achievement Unlocked! THE PRL FULL” badge.

Edit - I went ahead and added a Ride On. My goodness. PRL Full. Good work.

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i have also just found that i’m back at L39 the XP points given at end of 197 miles on Sunday have gone

Xavier, I appreciate your research, I certainly woul;d not classify it as stalking!! I think I am just a few years too old to be stalked!!

I am running the Companion App running on my mobile thats all.

Is there a way I can recover my achievement badges? Thanks John

See other riders on course, no problems with leader boards. Not using one drive.

Wait–Is it really solved (as marked in the OP)? Zwift Companion (ZC) shows the badge as having been earned, but are you seeing the badge in your list of route/badge achievements in-game, John?

Edit: I’ve taken the liberty of quoting @shooj from another thread today:

Route badges can not be manually credited, however. FYI badges / routes / events may not show as complete if there were two sessions logged in concurrently.

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Thanks Xavier for your time in investigating my problem. I am sure I did not have 2 sessions running, in fact on Monday I did two routes, the first one did record the achievement badge but the second one did not. I use Zwift on my Patio and the second ride immediately followed the first one. I am sure I have not had 2 devices logged into the Zwift application at one time.

I will test again in the morning although most of my routes that have not been completed are quite long and also hilly.

I would have thought that Zwift would allow updates to your stats from ZC. I can see the Achievement logo on ZC. I do need to climb a few hills if I am going to get a Tron bike, at least the elevation from the rides is being added to my total, not sure about the XP points, never check them.

Regards John

I think I have solved the problem but only time will tell. After stopping the ride I have sometimes use my Companion App to save the ride and not the option on my computer.

Not sure if this is the issue but with my last 2 rides on new courses the achievement badges have been awarded.

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I completed the 107 mile fullPLR a couple of weeks ago, got the 100 mile badge.
At the end after 7and a half hours ( of a boring 11 lap London loop) I finished the ride at the banner on the Mall. It was shown in the Zwift LOG file.
I got the course completed banner. The extra XP points elevated me to the next level.
The next day I saw that I had NOT got the course badge and the bonus XP points had been taken away and I was dropped to my previous level.
After a 2 week delay I got a response from “support” :
“While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations” WTF !!!

do they think im going to do the 7.5 hours again?