Any way to fix not getting route badges?

I had 3 route badges done “Bigger Loop” “2019 UCB Worlds” and “Tour of Tweit Well” come up as done, and it is marked as done in the Zwift Companion. I put in 4 hours of work, and I don’t even get the tick to mark it as complete. I dread doing a large effort like the PRL and then not having it save. I am on the latest build too. The activity is marked as done. Is it possible to just mark them as complete if the event says they are complete. This annoys the heck out of me.

That will happen if you have Zwift open on multiple devices, make sure all your other Zwift apps is closed.

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Zwift was not open on multiple devices.

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ: Is “multiple devices” the new scapegoat? Any real indication of the issues (if any…) it causes? (beyond “it is well known that…”)

It does seem akin of “WiFi causes BLE interferences” or “connectivity issues” thing (to me, at least)

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Hi Matthew,

Please contact us at with the dates and routes you are having issues with so we can investigate what’s happening here!

Ride On!