ZC recognises my route achievement but Zwift doesn't

I completed the Mighty Metropolitan for the first time yesterday. The confirmation came up on-screen, and I rode on for a couple of miles of warmdown, so there’s absolutely no doubt about finishing the route (I’ve done all the bit where you have to learn about run-ins, routes not being the expected length because of those, making sure you clearly go under the banner, and all that stuff).

Zwift Companion records yesterday’s activity and shows the “achievement” against it, confirming that I earned the badge. Zwift steadfastly, even after waiting overnight, refuses to show the badge as gained. How can they be inconsistent?

I mostly use an Android tablet (and exclusively for riding), but I do have the PC version installed (can’t ride with it, it’s a desktop with no chance of getting a bike near), and I’ve checked that too, not that I’d expect it to be different.

That can happen if you are logged in to Zwift from multiple devices.

Oh that’s useful, thanks. I may well have been logged in on the PC. Because Zwift is so poor at showing what you’ve done and are doing, I took a screenshot of the badges I had, to help me to choose a different route :slight_smile:

It would make a lot of sense if, when offering routes, it put little ticks on the ones you had ridden, or counters for the number of times, or a filter to show only new routes, or a sort by least/most ridden. But it doesn’t, so I took a screenshot. Not to mention it actually confirming on-screen which route you are currently riding, and your progress. But hey, it doesn’t do that either.

I’m sure I’ll ride the route again sometime. But, if they have a bug of that kind, it would be nice at least to issue a warning that you are already signed in on another device.

Check this out for tracking your route badges.

Or this if you want to print it. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://zwiftinsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/zwift-routes-checklist.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiXtKyLwNTsAhXxRt8KHcXJBxEQFjABegQIJxAR&usg=AOvVaw0lFv_sWfwOCwB2I85qzIce