Route achievements disappearing

A couple weeks ago I rode one of the new route on Makuri Islands (forgot which one) and got the route achievement. A few days later, login in and searching for a new badge, saw that the route was missing the badge, so didn’t think about it and did it again. This time verified before login out that the badge was indeed set and it was. then on Sept 2nd I did Muir and the Mountains in Watopia and got the badge. Same thing, verified before logout that the route was indeed marked as done and got the badge. Logged in this morning, and the Watopia routes shows that I still don’t have the badge for Muir and the Mountain … it just disappeared !

So Zwift, what’s happening ?

the first thing people will ask is: Do you have copies of the Zwift game running on different devices, ie, a computer, an iPad, smart phone. If you have a Zwift running on two devices concurrently this could be the problem.

Now a couple of hints for the future. Make sure you take a photo when the route achievement screen opens after finishing. This way you can be sure it was completed and you have evidence. Second you could be keeping track of your badges besides using Zwift. You can do this in a couple of ways. Zwift Hacks has a badge tracking feature. If you prefer a hard copy Zwift Insider has a checklist. Using either one of these methods can help keep your completed routes sorted and don’t require starting Zwift.

Given badges are a one time thing, especially for routes since they give extra experience, a correct implementation would prevent any badge from being reset. A badge should be set in the profile of a user at the time it is obtained, regardless of how many clients may be connected.

I’m only reporting the behavior which in my opinion as a cloud API developer and provider is an obvious bug.

Note that this is not a simple cosmetic issue, as I can re-run the route and potentially get the bonus XP twice, or more assuming this issue is reproducible. That’s an open exploit of the system.