Route badge awarded an end of ride but then disappeared

Yesterday (10 August) I rode Road to Sky. When I rode through the KOM banner, the badge awarded banner popped up as expected. I also rode through the route completion checkered gate, and then I descended. But, when I tried to save my route I had failure. I checked my internet connection and it was down. It took more than an hour for service to be restored.

Today, the full ride shows in Strava, Garmin Connect, and Companion activities. But, the route completion does not show in Companion Leaderboards nor does it show in Zwift badges.

Can the route badge be awarded with supporting data (.fit and .log file, screenshots from Companion, Strava)? If I lose the XP and Drops, that will be disappointing but I can get those is later rides. I don’t want to repeat the Road to Sky.


Is there any chance you are logged into the game on more than once device? That can cause lost achievements.

If you contact Zwift support and provide your ride info they will often help you with this issue.

Hi Paul,

No, I learned the lesson about multiple logins the hard way. I uninstalled Zwift from all devices except my WIndows laptop so I can’t make the mistake again.

I posted to Zwift support earlier this morning, but haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ll try to be patient. Are you suggesting I should attach my .fit and .log files ahead of any reply?

If you just share the activity date/time with them that’s probably enough. They have the fit file.

Maybe @JohnP can help

Hi @BigHead_Bull

Thanks for writing in about this. When you lose internet activity during a route, things like this can happen. Just like you mentioned, I can see that when you logged back in when your internet was back up, it uploaded to us and to your third party tracking sites. However the badge didn’t get awarded. While I can’t do much about any missing XP/distance/elevation/drops, I have added that badge to your achievements. You should be able to see that next time you log in.

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