Route completion not working

I haven’t been getting the route badges the last few times I’ve tried to complete a route. The first time was with Jungle Circuit, but I thought that maybe I had just stopped too soon, due to the lead in, even though I rode several miles longer than the listed length. However, two days ago I chose the Greater London Flat route. I made sure to pay attention to the lead in, so I would know where the route actually started and stopped. I rode the whole route, and didn’t make any manual turns, but didn’t get a completion banner. So I kept riding. I did the whole entire loop again, but still nothing. The route is supposed to be 7.3 miles (I don’t know how long the lead in is). I rode 22 miles in total. I was able to complete routes and get badges before, so I don’t know what’s changed. There was an update recently. Did the update mess this up?

Had the exact same problem with Lady Liberty last night. Didn’t make any manual turns and ended up riding over 25 kms with no badge. The posted distance is only 13 kms.

Okay, I just checked my badges, and I now have the one for Greater London Flat. I haven’t been riding for very long, and I was pretty sure that I hadn’t done that route already, but maybe I was confused. I’m going to try again today with a route that I know I haven’t done yet, since I just checked all my badges.

I did a test yesterday to make sure they are working, see my post in this thread:

@Mike_Corriveau1 I looked at your activity from yesterday in NYC and it doesn’t look like you did lady liberty route. Here is the strava segment from zwiftinsider: Lady Liberty | Strava Virtual Ride Segment in

I created a meeting to do Lady Liberty at 6:00 pm (est) last night.

It shows up on my Zwift Companion and the other three riders that were with me. By comparing last night’s ride to the actual Lady Liberty map it looks like we completely missed the KOM but did everything else twice.


I just did Tick Tock, and it worked like a charm! Still not sure what happened with the other routes I tried, but I"m glad to see it’s working. :slightly_smiling_face:

if you can post a screen shot of this ride we can see if you went far enough or not. You are set to private in the companion app so I can’t see your activities.

Monica completed all the routes from January 5th 2020 - April 15th 2020, so they are all working… I don’t think she noted any issues.

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