Badge missing for Lady Liberty meetup

Seems like an issue with Lady Liberty where I didn’t received the badge, any ideas?

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that looks like the park perimeter route and not lady liberty. this is the lady liberty route

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hummm, good observation. Seems like the system didn’t turn us at the right place to do the lady liberty route, i never touch the direction haaa, maybe a bug on that route? I know there is a bug during a meeting where we don’t turn at the right spot.

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Same thing happened to me today hosted a meetup and no badge, everything bagel still has that problem!

I have the same issues as of today with everything is bagel & lady liberty. A few more.

Can I email the ZWIFT support to correct?
Will they react to this post and solve the issues?

I wouldn’t email support, they are swamped with new users. They do monitor the forums and a few other reports of this have been popping up. Seems to be mostly with meetups.

Monica at finished all the routes between Jan. 5th 2020 and April 15th, so they are all working, but perhaps the meetup spawn point is the issue?

I am pretty sure they can’t award the badge achievement manually anyway.

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Also it doesnt appear that you did either of these routes today. Looks like you did park perimeter route.

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I’ve been having the same thing happen, do the route and not get the badge . I’ve just done Richmond The Fan Flats and on Strava the map show I did not spawn in E Broad St so I did not pass the start line Happen the other day in Yorkshire, So it seem the spawn points are the problem

Hi @Kirsty_Cato

The Fan flats route start and end at the sprint banner, so you need to do a full lap form banner to banner.

Same to me, I go through Lady liberty route extra 6km, and at the origin point which Zwift put me at.
Quite frustrating with no badge get while that’s my movitation to ride extra.
Not sure how zwift fix this and how do we know if it’s fix.

Doesnt look like you did the Lady Liberty route, all of them work, there is no fix needed.

How did Monica finish them all if they are not working?


It’s a bug for sure. It may be limited to Meetups and/or your particular Zwift platform (e.g., AppleTV, iOS, Win, etc…) It might be intermittent like people getting routed off course in the middle of a race or event :man_shrugging:

This afternoon I created a Lady Liberty Meetup. It routed me around the park w/out the climb (see below). I didn’t even have the Companion app open meaning there is no way I accidentally changed the route. I don’t even know if that is possible during a meetup. Oh well…

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Thanks for testing it out Lin! Definitely not the Lady Liberty route.

tagging @shooj to see if he can report this bug on the meetups in NYC. Maybe this is the same issue as the Road to Sky route in Watopia for meetups?

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I just completed lady liberty route a couple days ago and seems to work fine. I did do it as a solo ride and not meetup.
This is on a windows 10 pc

@Lin_Alan and @Mike_Rowe_PBR thanks for the report. Flagging this up for debugging.

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I was able to get the Lady Liberty badge via a regular route selection since NYC is on the calendar today.

The same bug exists on 6 Train, highline, everything bagel and Lady Liberty. They work fine if you select the route and ride it but if done via a meet up they take the park perimeter loop instead of the requested route.


Thanks for the update @Jeff_Forrest. I’ve added your notes to the bug report.

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also found in meetup setting is splits the group as well (at least when picked highline) so you aren’t riding together, in addition to landing you in Park Perimter

It happened quite a few times to me in the past couple of weeks: Hilly Route (which I’ve done a million times in the past 5 years), Muir and the Mountain and today, Road to Ruins - and that was in their TfA Stage 3 event. Zwift really needs to fix this ASAP - not really looking forward to going for longer routes while this persists