No route badge for Everything Bagel meetup

I was in an Everything Bagel meetup this morning, and I was disappointed to see that the riders who didn’t already have the route badge didn’t get it. I already have the badge, but I noticed that the Everything Bagel segment didn’t show up on my Strava activity.

I think this is because the meetup started on the wrong side of the finish banner.

It seems to me that meetups for a particular route should start and finish at reasonable points so that if you complete the meetup, you will have done the route.

Might be something else going on. I chose Everything Bagel to ride just now and after my third Park Loop figured something was wrong.

I just rode Everything Bagel this morning and also did not get the badge. I kept going until the 40km mark with no luck. My riding partner didn’t get it either. We scheduled the route through the meetup feature.

I road the Everything Bagel today as a meetup and did not receive the credit or points. I’ve sent an email into support but figured I’d post here too. This has happened to me one other time and I just wrote it off as I did something wrong. Today’s ride I just went whatever direction it sent me and never got the credit. I hope there is a solution to this I’m trying to complete as many routes as I can and would hate to have to repeat it. Thanks to anyone who can help.

@Daryl_Southwood took a look at your ride in the companion app and the only thing I can see is your start/end points are further up than what is shown on Zwift Insider. Zwift may have changed the spawn point to in front of the official start. See the photos below:

OK, so if Zwift starts me at a spawn point that is outside of the segment range, how do I correct that to get credit? I can’t control where it starts me and have to trust the system that it is doing the right by us. I road the route, did the mileage and the climbs, me and the folks that road with me should get the credit.

Not saying my thought of the spawn point behind ahead of the official start is correct. But that’s what it looks like based on your start point versus the Zwift Insider map start/end point.

In cases like those people have done a u-turn at the start to ride to head back towards the banner/arch then do another u-turn after going under it and ride the route normally.

Daniel, thanks for your input and I had a feeling it had something to do with our starting point. Hopefully Zwift will do good by me, I would if the roles was reversed. I truly appreciate you help; Ride On!

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Ridden it twice and still no badge!

And that is my fear, I ride it again and the same thing happens. I get glitches, it happens just make it right. Thanks Alan, Ride On.

If you don’t pass under the finish banner shortly after beginning your ride, it isn’t going to count. Maybe you can make a u-turn, pass under the banner, make another u-turn, and continue with your ride. I don’t know.

I just rode it and didn’t get a badge. So it’s definitely a bug! I’ll email Zwift support too.

Did “Everything Bagel” tonight as a scheduled meet up and did not earn the badge. I rode for a total of 25 miles.

I road Everything Bagel today “Solo” and “Received Badge”. Mileage and Elevation were both just a little over posted amounts when notified on Zwift. I did check and I did receive my Badge.

I did attempt it 3 weeks ago with a “Meet Up” I created and road 26+ miles and 2.3k’ and “Did Not” receive badge or notification on Zwift.

Thanks for this note. I just completed this route (meetup) this morning. Rode for 47km and no course completion. I will try solo to see if that works.

I rode this route with meetup this morning and kept going for 42.7 Km and no route badge. Same for other riders. Getting annoyed with no badges on routes in meetups (this has happened on multiple meetups) even with extra distance.

[quote=“Kona_Bean, post:16, topic:333197”]
kept going for 42.7 Km

Hi @Kona_Bean, can you post a screen shot of your ride or a link to strava? I couldn’t find you on the companion app.

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Don’t mean to add to the pile on unecessarily, but we did the ride as part of a meet up last week and didn’t get the badge either. We rode a total of 35 km just to be sure. Some rode even further and they didn’t get it either.

Hi @James_Pellatt, did you get placed on the park perimeter route as well? This seems to be a new bug with meetups in NYC. Can you post a screen shot of your meetup activity to confirm what route you were placed on?

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Noticed this same issue today when riding with a meetup and it appears that the default spawn point is actually on the other side of the course as noted above. I had to ride a total of 52km to get the route completed and there were 3 KOM climbs total. Take a look at this route total: