Achievement Badges - Everything Bagel

Hey guys,

yesterday I did the new york - everything bagel routes and after running more than 45KM (748M) I still didn’t get the achievement badge.

Is there any reason why someone would not get the achievement badge or this is a bug?

Here’s my strava stats:

anyone else got this issue or i’m the only one out here? haha

Hi Jonathan,
I completed it the other day. It all went ok, no issues.

It seem to work, even in a workout.

It doesn’t look like you did the route correctly, comparing to the Zwift Insider verified segment, the profile is way off… Did you make some manual turns? Looks like you did the reverse route…

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I just completed the route but didn’t get the badge either… After checking it seems my meetup started after the arch so the route did not count!!! Is there any way to get this solved? Here is a link to my route details

Yea. i did complete Everything Bagel also, and got COmpletion banner, but badge did not show up.

In Strava Segment, also completed.

Any way to fix this?

Make sure you have logged out of any sessions of zwift.

Do you use the companion app? If so check the activity for record of the achievement, if not check you feed on eg here is one I did today

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yes, it did show the Badge in Companion (activities)