Everything Bagel Badge

Where does Everything Bagel start and end, to get the badge and XP’s?

Check out all the routes and full details at www.zwiftinsider.com

Apparently, I did not make myself clear. The question arises, only AFTER having checked the route on zwift insider . com. The course is supposed to be 34.2 km with a 0.2 km lead in. I made the mistake with Muir and the Mountain to not be aware of the lead in and the start and end points. No badge on the first try. Not wanting to make that mistake again, I found the aforementioned information, and exceeded the distance by about 15%. Still no badge.
I have seen other complaints about badges not being awarded on this and other routes. On some routes, others have been denied because they did not do a U-turn to get to the start, or because they involved a meet up, to name a few. Does this require a U-Turn to get “back” to the start at the beginning of the ride, as selected under Routes in the New York world?
Please try to be helpful this time. Thanks.

Compare the route you did with Everything Bagel. It is almost the same, but not exactly 100%. Maybe a manual turn in the second half of the ride?

Looks like you went up the KOM the wrong way the 2nd time, perhaps you inadvertently made a manual turn? Hope that was “helpful” enough.

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Sorry for my comment, Mike. Frustration got the better of me. You are right, I got of course somewhere. From “10,000 feet”, I can see now that my route does not overlay the true Everything Bagel route. I’ll try again, and thanks for your patience with me.

You are right, Juren. I got off course somewhere. Thanks for the help, to you and Mike Rowe.