Everything Bagel

Last night I did the Everything Bagel route with a friend. We ended up riding 40km for a 34km route, but neither of us received the completion badge. Can you please verify?


The same thing has been happening to me! Twice on Everything Bagel and as well on Greater London Loop and Greater London 8!! Very frustrating!!

The update was meant to fix the route issues. Sounds like you guys are referring to rides that happened before the update. Hopefully the update worked.

Dear Ben,

Indeed it has not happened after the update, I hope it has been resolved. Now the problem that I have is that my iPad is getting disconnected often from the smart trainer for about 30 seconds to a minute…it is ruining all my training sessions as well as meetups. If I connect through my phone I have no problem. Sometimes I restart both the iPad and the trainer and it works fine.

Would you have any idea of why this could be happening? It has previously worked perfectly for months.


Sorry, I don’t actually know. If I were you I’d try backing everything up, restore to default (deletes everything) and then restore from backup. I’m. It sure if it would do anything but it’s something I would try.

Nope, the problem still persists. This morning I did the Greater London 8 route. I completed it without stopping and continued on for a 40km ride (the route has 23,8km with a 5.7km lead-in) I had no connection problems whatsoever, did not stop or pause for a second. I did not receive the badge nor the XP points or drops.

The update has definitely not resolved this issue!!

I assume you did the Greater London 8 as part of a meetup. Are you on the latest version of Zwift?

It looks like you did the route correctly, are you sure you don’t already have that badge? There is no indication in your activity on Zwift that you got the achievement today, so maybe you got it previously.

I am using version 1.0.50775

Is that the latest one?

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Yes that seem to be the latest one.

Newbie here. I did 37 km in attempt to complete the Everything Bagel route yesterday afternoon. I selected it before starting the ride. It seemed no banner was going to appear so stopped. My results showed I was doing a Central Park Loop instead, when I never turned off route. Did it nearly 4 times. Got a PR but no Badge for that route either. What’s up with Everything Bagel? A bit disappointed as the badges are very motivating and a reason I am liking Zwift. Noticing previous members complaining that these things aren’t being fixed. I would prefer not to choose a route than be disappointed when I keep riding waiting for a stupid banner to pop up so I can end my ride while my kids are screaming and hitting me with toys because I was supposed to be finished!