My achievements in London are not working

I’ve done at least three different routes and never get the route complete. Help.

Would you be able to provide more detail on this? What routes? Did you pick them from the Routes screen at sign on, and then not deviate from the selected route at any junction? Did you finish at the a banner (some routes have a long lead-in, so just riding the route distance may not be enough to actually complete the route)? What is your Zwift user name, so that we can review your activities for possible issues (I don’t see a Sheryl Perales listed)?


I found her, looks like lots of manual turns being made.

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I just let it go by itself. And when it gets several miles past the route mileage I say screw it and not ride the hills again. I’m trying Greater London Loop right now and see how it goes. It has happened 3+ times. I look and see where it should end and I end up going passed that and give up. Thanks for the quick help.

Yes. Pick from sign up. No on deviation till WAY passed end route. Thanks

That was yesterday because I didn’t want to do anymore hills. Lol

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I just got this badge a few days ago:


If you use Apple TV make sure to restart the device before using Zwift.

Check if your Zwift is on the latest version.

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Yeah! Just got Greater London Loop!
Don’t know what happened with the others. I’ll keep you posted as I do more.
Thank you so much!

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No Apple TV and yes it is updated. Thanks!

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