Lady Liberty still having issues

Few days ago I was invited to a meetup at NY lady liberty …
I did not get the badge … certainly a disapiontment maybe will fix that I told myself, but…

Today I warm up and make a test AGAIN in lady liberty route.

  1. I make a meetup and finish it, but NO BADGE, simple as that.

  2. second loop same route NO BADGE, Why Zwift why???

Then having time I had to dig deep see the bug issue get exposed, yes is real LL has NO BADGE REWARD I ve do one than once this route lap not touching the directions not going training going on a train session as a guess and a host meet up distance made goals in train made, then. NO BADGE, BUG! FIX IT!

This is a known issue with meetups, if you do the route outside of a meetup it will work.

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