Route badges not working

Related question - when a route has been completed and the badge awarded if it is selected again should the Start and Finish be displayed, or once it’s been completed is that it?

Hi @Tony_Smith

When you do a route the second time it wont show the banner that you completed the route, you will just pass the finish line and continue your ride.

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Thanks Gerrie, is the finish line still displayed on the road? I like to repeat the routes as a way to do a consistent ride and compare performance - some signposting and ideally a record in palmares would be great!

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Yes the finish line is a permanent structure in Zwift.

Watopia finish line

London sprint

Watopia Epic KOM

This is very helpful :

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Awesome - thanks

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I just completed a route, also while doing a workout:

Logged back in and looked at my achievement badges:

I just wanted to make sure they are working. I’m wondering if in your case the connection to Zwift’s servers was interrupted during your saving process? The companion app is connected through your home wifi, so could that be why it is showing up on your ride report but not on the game badge screen? Someone smarter than me will have to figure that out. :man_shrugging:
Does your activity show up on Is the tron bike in your garage?

Finally got a reply to my support ticket for this problem:

Hi Ian,

thanks for reaching out to us. I’m really sorry that the drops and the badge were not added to your account :frowning:

It seems that an error appeared. Due to technical limitations we cannot manually award you the badge and add the missing drops to your account. It’s a pity, I know :frowning:

If there is anything else you need, please let me know.

Ride On.
Emilia S.

Basically, suck it up cupcake.


For some reason the route batches do not work on my account either… Try to get level 12 soon for the Alpe, but like this it will take quite a bit longer… Did the 52-53km Dust in the Wind route today (by selecting it in the screen before riding), and rode a few kilometers more, so definitely not stopped too early. Below you can see my activity, and on Strava I am (of course) in the leaderboard on the segment.

Is there a way to resolve this issue? I am using a MacBook Pro and downloaded the latest version of Zwift last week.

Hi @Adne2215_van_Engelen, welcome to the forums.

It looks like you did the route correctly, however the activity doesn’t show that you unlocked the badge. Had you already gotten it before this ride? Check you badges in the game to make sure.

Also, the alp access was reduced down to level 6 due to COVID-19 and all the new zwifters online to open up additional roads and more space for everyone, so you can go ride the mountain now!

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Thank Mike. I didn’t know that!

I didn’t get the batch during the ride, neither did a leaderboard appear on the screen. Can it be caused by the fact that the last section is the same as from Fuego flat reverse (or something like that)? I saw a leaderboard for that segment.

I tried to do one of the jungle loops a few days ago after a race to the top of the Alpe, but also didn’t get the batch for that. That time I didn’t select it before the ride, so I assumed that was the reason why I didn’t get it.

no, that timed section will not matter when getting route badges. You can only get one per ride and you have to select it from the route menu before riding. You can’t use any manual turns either, so if you accidentally made a turn during the ride and went off course you won’t get the badge.

Ok, that’s a pity. Today I didn’t make any turns manually during the route, so I have no idea what went wrong. Anyway, time to race again tomorrow, cause that’s the main reason I joined Zwift a week ago :wink:

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You should look into joining if you haven’t already. Also, a great resource is if you haven’t seen it already.

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I just did the Big Loop route today and I didn’t get an achievement popup or route badge and xp awarded. I am 99% certain I did the whole route since it starts and ends at the boardwalk arch and I went through it both at the beginning and the end. Never had this problem before and it’s a little disheartening!

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Hi there. I set up the “Everything Bagel” route as a Meetup and completed it on May 10, but the badge doesn’t show up. Can someone please help?

@Patrick_Chin-Hong_DI looking at your ride animation it sent you in the wrong direction. Check out the correct route animation here:

There have been reports of some routes not being routed correctly in meetups. I’d suggest doing it as a free ride or part of a group ride. I did it a few weeks ago as a group ride and got the badge.

Same here! I have completed 100% of the Everything Bagel (twice), Greater London Loop, Greater London 8 and have not gotten the badges, XP points or drops! Very frustrating and demotivating!! It seems to be a regular Zwift problem!

This is not a bug - you are not riding far enough. Many rides have a “lead in” that is quite long. So keep going. Also, they always end in an arch. So go at least until the next arch before giving up.

I also experienced a BUG. Completed quatch quest route, received the on screen achievement, the badge is ok on the activity at the companion app, but it’s not on my profile.


@Fernando_Santos_3561, do you use multiple devices for Zwift (the game, not the companion app) such as an iPad and a PC or iPhone? If so, make sure you are completely logged out of all devices (force close app, power off the device) before starting a new ride. Having multiple logins without a corresponding logout will cause these types of issues and may override your session that completed the route.

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