Triple loop route badge not credited

Yesterday I complete over 60k and the route shows 40k… but I did not receive the badge.
How do I verify or receive credit?

Hi @Trevor_Cochran and welcome to the forums!. It looks like you completed the route on your activity feed. Can you check your achievement badges and make sure it is there? Had you already gotten it in the past maybe?

Hi there are thanks for the response. I just checked… and it is not credited. No badge?

Hi Trevor,

I agree it does look like you completed the route. I think what happened with this route is the spawn point is on the other side of the start banner.

Is there any solution to it? Or am I just out of luck?

I just checked and you start behind the banner, so it should have worked.

@Trevor_Cochran did you make any manual turns when you were riding? It looks like you did towards the end of the ride but you should have already gotten the badge at that point.

I did not make any turns that I was aware of. I just set it and forget it until the screen tells me I’m done the route. I thought this one was getting silly as I had ridden so much more. But I didn’t want to put all that work in and not get the reward.

I’m going to tag @Nigel_Tufnel and see if he recalls anything strange about this route badge.

Hmmm. I don’t recall anything odd about that route, but I’ve also slept since then. Looking at Trevor’s activity it certainly looks like he did the full route (and then some), so I’m nit sure what happened on this one.

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@Nigel_Tufnel, where did your ride start before of after the banner.

Now you are testing me … :wink:. I couldn’t tell you honestly. I log in, i pick the route, hit ride, and my avatar shows us and I pedal.

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LOL @Trevor_Cochran,

I was actually testing Jeffrey. :smiley:

I have not done the triple route my self, So it will be good to know where it started for someone that got the badge. (before I attempt it)

@Gerrie_Delport: is there any way to tell the date on which I got that badge? My guess would be that I might have done it as a workout (at least until the workout portion was over), so my activity name would not provide any clue as to the route.

My guess, though, would be that I did start before the banner. How much before the banner, though, might be the issue.

Sorry there is know way that I know of, and I have looked. I have started to name my rides with the badge name because I have to look for them so often.

OK, so I was able to find the activity (reasonably) quickly using VeloViewer. What I found, though, is that I completed the Triple Loops route on Tour of London, Stage 3. So, I definitely started before the banner, but it was back at the pens, which is a reasonable distance before the banner. So, perhaps the ‘trick’ is to do a U-turn, ride back to where the pens enter the road, and then do another U-turn and ride the route ‘as normal’ from there.

Hopefully someone else will chime in with their Triple Loops success story!


Utfgghhhh… just did over 75k for the London Pretzel… No badge!!!
I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Never had this issue. Now two rides in a row!! Help!!

Here my Triple Loops.
Can’t remember of anything strange.

Here my London Pretzel.
Same. Nothing strange.

Did anyone get an answer on this one? I just completed the Triple loops today, and no badge! I’ve never had this issue before, and I’ve been on zwift for a long time, meaning that I have done alot of the routes before they reset them or whatever. Not sure if that makes a difference. I have emailed support, will see what happens.

It seems this is some kind of known issue (or more like unknown issue in this case!) that the full badge milage may be ‘less than a mile’ before the banner… although the solution is apparently to ride that amount after the end… which makes no sense to me. This is the response I got back from ‘tier 2’ support:

This is Zwift support checking in, and I’m sorry for the delayed reply!

I had a look at the Triple Loops route of London and it shows as being 25.4 mi (40.8 km) in distance for a single lap. You had ridden 25.9 mi (41.6 km) on June 24, 2020, which admittedly does exceed the minimum requirement to complete the route.

Under the circumstances, I can understand your confusion. While we don’t have any additional info on the specific route lead-in distance for the Triple Loops route, the lead-in may be very short (e.g. less than a mile) and perhaps that’s why it’s not accounted for in our documentation. I can bring this up to the team, and see what can be done to check/update the facts about the route on our side.

Furthermore, technical limitations prevent us from crediting badge achievements to Zwift accounts, so much as I wish we could simply unlock the badge for you manually on our side, that’s simply not possible at this time. I’m sorry about that! It should be noted that crediting route badges is something our team does get a number of requests for, so I’m hopeful it’s a service we can one day provide to Zwifters at some point in the future.

If your objective is to shoot for route badges, what’s within your power is to ride a bit further next time. You only rode about a 0.8 km more than the listed route distance, so if you ride further, the badge will most likely unlock for you on the next go.

Thanks, and please let us know if you’ve more questions.

Ride On!
Steven D.
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So… just in case anyone is still reading this thread… After I complained about the idiocy of the previous response above, another support agent ‘looked into it’ again, and it turned out I already HAD this route badge… hm… So it was my fault all along! (although I never recorded it… I try to keep track of whats left myself, since zwift make it difficult to check without the whole login/check/logout/login/select route business)
I guess make sure you check you don’t already have it, because the route badge offical length is actually correct…