Triple Loops Badge

I completed the Triple Loops today - took it on as a challenge for me to try to do and complete a tough route and get the badge. When I completed it I didn’t get the badge for it. Can this be retrospectively applied please?



Did you get the banner at the bottom of the screen that notified you that you completed the route and received the badge?

Hi Paul,
I didn’t but I have completed the route as described.


When you complete the route a notification/banner will appear at the bottom of the screen.

You need to make sure you complete the full route, including the lead-in to receive the badge.

Here is the Triple Loop:

Hi Ian,
the route you did looks like Triple Loops, but it was not. Maybe you did a manual turn in the beginning at the big round about?

Hi Jurgen,
Thanks for the reply. For some reason I was started at the sprint, rather than the proper starting point it seems. I didn’t select any turns as I wanted the badge. However if you can see the route, if you look at the associated screenshot you will see that it was just at the start 0.3km in and it was at the sprint area, not where it seems to properly start from. Don’t know why I was placed in the wrong location.


The spawn point look OK for me, right behind the starting pens, but before the Start/Finish banner. But as I said, something went wrong at the big round about.

You went too early into the Surrey Hills compared to what the route does. Are you sure you picked Triple Loops as the route?