London Loop badge not awarded

Today a did a workout on the London Loop.
I did it with an Apple TV 4k, but the badge was not awarded.

I did the loop twice as you can see on the screenshot.
What can I do to fix this?

You rode the London Loop Reverse (clockwise) course, not London Loop (anti-clockwise).

London Loop Reverse doesn’t have a badge because it’s an Event-only course.

Hi Steve,

If it is an event only how was I able to choose it in the first place?
I didn’t participate in any event today. Just choose a course and a workout.
This doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Are you sure you didn’t make a manual U-turn? No, it doesn’t make any sense as it is.

No, started the race and put the remote aside.
When I review the ride on Srava it started clockwise, no u-turn.
Very wierd.

I can only think that some sort of glitch started you off pointing the wrong way. It’s an odd one but this sort of thing has occasionally been reported before.

It’s worth checking the comprehensive list of routes at Zwift Insider when it comes to badge queries. London Loop is simple, but some routes do have long lead-ins which can lead people to not end up going far enough, due to the route not having started when they thought. Of course, this isn’t the problem in this instance. See