London Greatest Loop completed, extra XP earned but no badge received

Hi there,
yesterday I completed the Greatest London Loop, the route achievement banner appeared at the end and I have also earned the extra XP for completing the route the first time (earned slightly more than 1000 XP for 26 km).

However the Greatest London Loop badge doesn’t a route achievement.

Is there any bug with the Zwift database?


When did you try this ride? I can’t see you having tried this recently. The last ride you did was London Loop, not Greatest London Loop.

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I’m not going from the description. Compare the route that you did with the one shown at

You did London Loop, and you got the badge for it too.

Hi @Alexander_Lieven

Something look strange with your two Greatest London routes. The two start in different directions and they don’t start at the stat banner?

You seem to have done this course loads of times in the past. Are you sure that you didn’t get the badge ages ago?


People are just trying to help.

Actually they are trying to assist you with good info and you are rejecting it.