One ride, two courses. But only one course counts

Hi there,

I’ve just finished a ride (work-out). I wanted to maximize my XP’s gained during the 1.5h training, so I tried to combine two routes I didn’t ride before: the Greatest London Flat and the Greater London Loop.

I did get my badge (plus XP) for the first one, but not for the Greater London Loop. Although I finished that course too - I am in todays ranking of the Zwift Insider Segment.

Would anybody know why the second badge isn’t granted to me? I did read it is impossible to add a second route in one ride when you are participating in an event, but that wasn’t the case here.

Thanks in advance for any useful feedback :sunglasses:

You have to tell zwift at the start up menu what route you want to do. So if you are finished with that route and want another you have to exit and save, reload zwift and select the next route.

It’s the way the badges were implemented.


Only get a badge for the route selected on the start screen. Manual turns to finish a route will not count.