Circuit completed and do not get the badge

Have you ever have that ?
Completed the London the London Surrey hill circuit and do not have the badge ?

How can I proceeed ?
Need to play again :wink:

Did it tell you that you completed it?

Sometimes there are bugs/errors. A few people have reported such things as being sent on the wrong route, correct route but didn’t get the announcement, got the announcement but it didn’t save. Others say they ride the distance but it didn’t count because the actual distance required to ride included the lead in distance which Zwift doesn’t tell you about.

This is the best place to see the routes as an animated map and with lead in distance

Your only real option is to try again.

If you didn’t go up Fox Hill twice, you did not do Surrey Hills.

Thanks Ben, seems strange I will do it again. Not a big deal.

Hi dan, thanks for the reply.
I’ve check and the animation of my ride is the same as the requested one, seems strange, but not a big deal I will do it again
I was trying to understand