"Triple Loop" route badge not credited

yesterday I completed this route, but did not receive the badge. In the report of my workout, the heart rate line also disappeared in the second half, despite everything being normal with the heart belt and having followed the bpm all the time. has anyone else gone through this? Thanks a Lot, cheers from Brasil

Hi CR, Welcome to the Zwift forum.

Looking at your last ride it does not look like you selected the triple loop, or you made a manual turn.

This is the Triple Loop directions.
From This

This is your ride.


Thanks a lot, Gerrie
I don’t really know what happened, I have the memory of having selected correctly, I also had problems with the display of my heart rate in the report of the same activity.
Yesterday I repeated this route and I had no problem.
Thanks again for your attention.
Greetings from Brazil.

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I am happy that it worked for you. Good luck on all the other badges.


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