Route Achievement Issue

Hi Zwifters, Completed 'Downtown titans today, but no banner and not route badge. Tried again this evening and same issue. I rode a good 10km after the ‘would be’ finish line, just to make sure it wasn’t a ‘lead in’ thing. Didn’t deviate from route or turn around during ride. Any thoughts/solutions before attempt number three!:sweat_smile: (Game Version 1.45 - latest).:+1:t2:

Hi @Biker_Mouse

Sorry to hear that this happened! I can see that you did that route twice, and completed it both times. I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t give you the badge, but I have credited your account with the badge for Downtown Titans. You should be able to see it next time you log in.

Amazing. Thank you so much! :pray:t2:

Hi John,

Issue has arisen again. Tonight I completed both Repack Rush (Steering), and Crow Road (Climb Portal). I got ‘Completed Banner’ on both rides (which were specifically chosen as they are closed circuits), yet they still come up as incompleted. Completely legit riding. Kicker Core on Zwift dedicated PC. Latest update (1.45). I really can’t think where I might be going wrong, so suspect a bug. Help appreciated in resolving this odd issue (which may or may not be specific to me). Sincerely thanks again.

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Hi @Biker_Mouse

I’ve had this escalated to our support team. They are going to take a look into this and reach out to you by email with what we find. Thanks for raising this up.

Any chance you are logged in on more devices?

Hi Milan, good point. I thought similar so went on my laptop and phone to double check. Updated software, logged in, and then checked route achievements. They were still not unlocked.

Zwift support are now on the case (I think some other routes in the past also didn’t register, but we shall see). Must say, i’m impressed so far with the speediness in which the support team responded to my question.

Ride on :+1:t2:

There’s something weird going on with routing in the latest version of the app. I mentioned it here:

I have completed Repack Rush several times, and Crow Road, and I haven’t got a completed badge either.

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Ah, I am not alone then. Hope that they sort it soon.Thanks for chipping in :+1:t2:

I was wondering, are both of these routes part of a bigger route that must be completed first?

I dont think you get a badge for Crow Road and Repack rush at all

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After the route achievement green tick rather them the challenge badge :+1:t2:

Sounds like a similar bug👍🏻