Badges, no badges

I completed the following routes and did not receive badges for riding.
Out and back
Tempest Fugit
Is there anyway to get credit???

Just like your friend Holly’s post, your profile is set to private so we can’t see your activities to determine what might be the issue. Looking on Strava, though, it looks as though you stopped your Tempus Fugit ride before you reached the end (you have to get to the arch for a third time to complete the route - twice forward and once reverse. And I don’t see anything that looks like Out and Back Again in your recent Strava activities.


Hi, I also completed Serpentine 8 and was credited on ZC, but not in Zwift app itself ?! Wonder why ?

I have not gotten badges for 3 workouts in the last week (Queens Highway, Dutchy Estate & Big Foot Hills) and I have completed each of the routes. Except today I did the Big Foot Hills route, 46 miles and never got an achievement badge in-game like usual (only a 41.9 mile route). What gives?!?!? That was a tough course

Check that you completed the whole route.

Also be sure you are not logged in on multiple devices. Mismatched log ins/outs will result in not getting badges.

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I seems like I should have considering I did 46.1 miles, in a 41.9 mile route right? Looks the same … how would I check to verify? It was a meetup, that I had to get out of cuz of a tech glitch, and get back in, but it started me from scratch again, then did 46.1 miles.

I have the same problem, completed the last stage of Haute Route Watopia. It was Quatch Quest route, I just level it up, but no badge and I think no xp points, I had never done that route. But there were people ridding with me on that event that received the badge.!