Route badge not unlocked after completing a route

On July 30th 2020, I selected the route “TOUR OF FIRE AND ICE” and just rode to the top of the AdZ, but the route completed message was not shown on the screen there, and the route badge was not added to my badge case.
I didn’t U-turn or change routes, and just climbed up to the top arch.
Could anyone please tell me why I couldn’t get the badge?

Did you cross the banner inside the volcano at the beginning? It looks like your spawnpoint was just behind the arch.
Almost every route starts and ends at an arch/banner.

Hello Jürgen,
Thank you very much for your advice!
Yes, I don’t remember well but I might not have crossed the banner/arch.
So it can be a reason of this issue.

I can imagine the arches on the Zwift courses, but I don’t know well about the “banner”. What kind of thing in the game is it? Is it also a kind of arch on the road?

And if I was automatically spawned the point and I couldn’t get the route badge, shouldn’t it be a bug…? I mean all the zwifters who selected any routes should be spawned the points from where they can get the route badges by just riding up to the goal of the routes…?

I completed the 107 mile fullPLR a couple of weeks ago, got the 100 mile badge.
At the end after 7and a half hours ( of a boring 11 lap London loop) I finished the ride at the banner on the Mall. It was shown in the Zwift LOG file.
I got the course completed banner. The extra XP points elevated me to the next level.
The next day I saw that I had NOT got the course badge and the bonus XP points had been taken away and I was dropped to my previous level.
After a 2 week delay I got a response from “support” :
“While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations” WTF !!!

do they think im going to do the 7.5 hours again?