Route achievement badge

Hi there
I completed 65.1 km ride on the Out and Back route (40 km) today but did not receive the achievement badge for it. I definitely completed the route distance, so I am unsure what has happened. I know there was a big earlier but there have been updates which I assumed fixed it. Thanks for looking into this.

Did you ride to the Fuego Flats sprint arch twice? That’s where it starts and ends.

looks like you rode the full route and then some, are you sure you hadn’t already gotten the badge? Check your achievements list in the game.

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I did ride the sprint arch twice. Apparent ly I am just an idiot and already had the badge. I could have sworn I never completed it as I have only been on Zwift for 2 months. Thanks anyways for the replies and reminding me to check. Really appreciate it.

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