Route badges don’t show up

Since January this year I don’t receive badges for complete routes on the badge page. In the activity the route banner for completing the route shows up. But the badges on the badgepage stay gray. I didn’t make any changes in the menu and I didn’t had any glitches over the route. Someone similar experience?

Did you have Zwift open on another device at the same time? Because that is a common cause of this problem.

No just companion app. But that’s always on.

It does sound like an issue with having logged in to Zwift on multiple devices. On what device are you running Zwift?

I run Zwift on my laptop whit a windows program. But after sending a message to Zwift support I got both my badges en the new route badge from this day came in color the moment my ride was saved. So for now everything back to how it supposed to work.