Completed route still shows as incomplete in Companion app [June 2024] [3.58.1]

Not sure if this is just me or if it’s been reported already

I did the new peak performance route earlier, the route badge shows on the activity and in the achievement panel, but the companion app still lists it as in completed.

Companion app on iPad and Zwift app on atv are both fully updated, I’ve closed and re opened both apps but it’s still not in sync.


Hi I noticed this too… even with the notification on screen Route Complete … when I look in companion app it still shows as incomplete.

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Good to know it’s not just me :+1:

@shooj has anyone else flagged this?


I have also completed this route but it is showing as incomplete in the companion App :frowning_face:


Same for me.
Apple TV on latest iOS version.
Also glitch on rider list noticed

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Yesterday I completed the peak performance route.
During the ride I noticed a small glitch on the rider list on the right of the screen. A thin oblong passing down through the details of other riders of say 4-5 rider details depth.
Just like a thin section blanked out.
Another thing is after completing this route I did get the XP bonus and finish banner appear In the game and I have the route badge but in the companion app it thinks I haven’t done that route yet.

Hi @Mantis_Toboggan, @_Alister_NAS, @PhilSteventon, @PhilSteventon and @undercover_Rider_Wil.

Sam here with Zwift support. Thank you for flagging this. We’re currently investigating this issue.


Same here, Peak Performance completed, but no badge, and shows as not completed.

When I went to start the Peak performance route a couple days ago, I noticed it spawned me about 50m after the WATOPIA downtown start banner. I’ve been around Zwift for too long, so I knew that could be trouble with route completion. These issues have popped up many times before. So I exited and did the Snowman route which spawned me correctly. This may have something to do with it IMO.

@Mantis_Toboggan @_Alister_NAS @PhilSteventon @undercover_Rider_Wil @Buffi_Koch @Mark_Murawski

Thanks all for flagging this up. We are looking into this, but I have a question for you all related to this clue:

Were you in a free ride, a Meetup, a Club ride, or an event on the Zwift calendar when this happened to you?

@shooj i was in a free ride. I did one, rode a couple tenths of a mile. Then decided to try it again so quit and picked the route again. Same spawn point just after the banner. So I quit again and moved to the snowman route.

Hi just freeride going through the new routes one by one :blush:

I did peak performance via free ride.
I selected it from the Watopia drop down route list in game.

Would Uturning right away, ride 100 meters to the other side of the start banner, and then uturning again, be a workaround?

Thank you for the added context. We’re investigating why completion badges are showing up in game, but not in the Companion app. We’ll update this thread with progress reports.


FWIW - Peak Performance also does not count towards the New Horizons monthly mission.

I have the route completion badge.

It was a free ride.


Exactly the same with me. I rode the same route and on My List, it is listed as incomplete.


Adding an extra 100 levels would be suitable compensation. :wink: