Zwift all routes completed

Hi Zwift just wondering is there any recognition if you have completed all of the routes on Zwift. My partner this weekend finished all routes with Full PRL. We were waiting for big fanfare and new kit or some special unlock but nothing ? Just wondering is this something you might consider as I would think the numbers who have completed all Zwift routes and have all the badges might be small compared to numbers using Zwift. ? Tks.

I’m afraid the only reward is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve completed all the routes.

If my congratulations means anything then you’ve got it.

Ride On!

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Yes, good job, but then what happens when they add more? One of the more recent updates added the bypass roads in Watopia and created a few more routes, none of them were particularly difficult. I would rather see a reward for the really difficult routes like the PRL full and Uber Pretzel, other than the XP. I might be more inclined to complete them if there was more of an incentive.

Very good idea yea as Uber Pretzel and Full PRL are the toughest so a reward for those would be good :+1:

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