Partial XP bonus for 2nd time completing a route

I’ve completed all of the cycling routes and it’s likely I won’t do some of them ever again (even though I probably should, I’d become a better cyclist).

Feature request:

  • Give 50% of the bonus XP the second time you complete a route. 25% of the bonus XP the third time.
  • Update the badges with a “2x” or “3x” if you’ve done the route more than once. Stop at 3x though, let’s not get carried away. Or maybe not…it would be cool to see some massive number next to the Tempus Fugit badge.

I know it takes a lot of work to create a route on the Zwift dev side. I think this would encourage Zwifters to do some of the harder routes more than once.

This is a great idea, we were talking about this on Monday while riding. It will be nice if we could re do all the routes but you have to do all the routes 2x then only you can start with 3x.

Getting 100% XP every time you complete the whole lot of them will be awesome. Some motivation to do the PRL Full again. It will also motivate people to do the long rides with friends that are doing it the first time.


I understand what you’re saying. No 3x until every route is 2x. That’s kinda brilliant. So, you could do full route completion XP.

Let’s say they add a brand new route though expansion and you’re already up to 3x on existing routes. That’s where it could get a little confusing or even upsetting. You didn’t realize they added a new Makuri route and you do the PRL Full for the fourth time expecting a 3460 XP completion bonus and it doesn’t happen…

Yeah, it seems a bit lame that once you’ve completed a lap once there’s no in-game advantage to doing it again (outside of the Alpe which has the 25x badge which shall not be named).

They could add a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum badge for a certain number of times per route for instance, I mean, I don’t plan on doing the Uber Pretzel again unless there’s some badge, as silly as that sounds to folks who couldn’t care less about badges :slight_smile:

They could also have a seasonal badge (i.e. Get all the route badges in 2021 during 2021, then create new route badges for 2022 etc). Then each season they would be incentivizing re-visiting all the routes etc. Maybe a special 2021 badge if you completed all badges in 2021, and a special 2022 badge if you completed all routes in 2022…

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