Anyone else complete "Watopia" routes? What do you think the reward should be?

Just curious to see the number of people that have been able to complete all routes in the Watopia map. I’ve been slowly knocking them out over the last 2-3 months; and I was looking on the badge icons and there’s no reward for this completion.

At the moment I have Road to Sky, Four Horsemen, The Pretzel, and Uber Pretzel left. I was talking to Zwift Support about adding in a badge, limited edition kit, or bike reward for completing all of the maps in Watopia. What would you think the reward should be?

Unlocking a new route


which would then immediately become locked again because you had now not completed all the routes!


It will be nice to get a set of gloves or socks when you have all the route badges and when Zwift release new routes you will loose the item and have to ern it again.

Yes I do have all the route badges. :sunglasses:

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I’ve completed everything except for the repetitive loops through the gravel. I think it should unlock secret road around the back side of the Alpe or a paved bypass around the jungle.


It would have to be something super amazing to get me to complete the uber pretzel :rofl:


I’ve also completed all the routes, cycling and running, and agree that a secret road/route available only to those who’ve completed all the other routes would be pretty cool. Cheers!