Monuments Jersey for Incentive

There are five routes designated difficulty 5 out of 5 - Quatch Quest, Four Horsemen, and the three Watopia massive Pretzel routes. Most of us haven’t got the oomph to do more than a few of them. But if completing all five of the Zwift “monuments” unlocked a special jersey that you could wear in-game, I bet a lot of us would buckle down and finish the rest of them off to earn it.

I’m down for this and only have the last few epic routes left.

Because of the existence of running badges, I’ll never have 100% badge completion - most cyclists won’t.

Having a milestone badge (and/or jersey) for epic routes would give me a nudge to prioritize them.

It’d be nice to have a badge for completing all routes in any given world too.

If they did this they would need to figure out what to do when a new route is added to the world after you’ve already completed the others. Does that badge just become locked again until you complete the new route? Probably I guess.


Yeah, there’s some logistics to work out there.

Maybe it could be based on expansions - you get it for whatever the current routes are but there’d be a new badge (or jersey) when a new expansion drops.

I gather Watopia was built out in stages, and Makuri has had at least one expansion (Neokyo) with a second (Urukazi) imminent.

I have to admit, I don’t tend to get motivated by the badges. A jersey for completing all the really monster routes has an appeal similar to the tron bike. The tron bike isn’t actually great, I only rode it for a couple of weeks and then went back to the climbing bike with the meilenstein wheels, but what it does work for is as a visible badge. So when you’re someone like me who isn’t particularly good and are self-conscious, you have this visible symbol that sort of says, “Yes, I am slow, but I am willing to put in the work and it’s okay for me to be here with the rest of you.”

Yeah, I like using in game unlocks for motivation too. For me I did the longer courses in order of shortest to longest and used the 100mile jersey as my target unlock for the last route badge.

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