Watopia Monster Route...

Dear Zwift

Could you please make the ‘Monster’ (or whatever you’d like to call it, i’m not precious about the name) an official route on Watopia?


This would cover several bases…

  1. it would give Fondos a larger route to use instead of twice around the Pretzel.

  2. it would give users a real challenge to be able to ride the whole of Watopia both ways in one route.

  3. put it in the challenges to unlock a ‘Monster’ cycling kit if completed under a certain time - like 5 hours.


Great idea - more official routes generally would be great, but this looks a real challenge and deserves some unlockables

I would love to see new challenges, especially long distance ones.

But so far… I heard even Everesting challenge (hidden one) doesn’t give any jersey (while it is strongly expected).

It would be nice if some missions become “challenges” (where jerseys/etc were the main prizes).

Agreed Jarek.  There’s too many pointless jerseys on Zwift that i don’t want, and hardly anyone else uses either, while there are no jerseys for accomplishments like Everesting or 200 miles, etc.


16 up votes and still no response from Zwift.  Maybe they’re all still hungover from the holidays.

This would be a great addition! Make it happen Zwift!

Good idea please go ahead