Watopia "Ultra" Pretzel

I rather like the challenge of the big routes…the Uber Pretzel is great but is missing some sections of the map as i guess the course was designed before some of the map was expanded…ie, titans Grove isnt included.

Can we get an “Ultra” course that takes in every single inch of the Watopia?

Titans Grove
KOM forward and reverse.
Epic KOM forward and reverse
Alpe Du Zwift
etc etc

All roads, all climbs forward and reverse…basically make it as long and with as much elevation gain as possible

another route badge I’ll never get :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Go and do this and I’ll give you a prize.

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A Makuri Pretzel would be much more useful than another Watopia Pretzel. It’s what that world needs.

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EDIT - more seriously, gamification works on me. I skipped “La Reine” until it had a badge - having proof of completion has value, and bragging rights.

@James_Zwift I’ve almost done this - not the actual rebel route, but my own DIY version. I did miss SB Titan’s Grove, but I did the Radio Tower twice, which I think more than makes up for that.


That does look pretty miserable.



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not anywhere near the mileage but richmond is crying out for a pretzel or figure of 8 route
and Paris could easily be a mini pretzel to make it more than a sub 20 min route

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Another reasonable route, while not huge starts at the desert starting point of Tempus Fugit, but continues straight ahead at LAX up the hill, then heads for epic KOM and over the top of that, then back downhill and down to the volcano flat section and back through downtown to start of Tempus again.

40.4km and 546m elevation. It is a nice varied loop.

The latest RoadCaptain release allows custom routes to be shared with others, according to the update posted in the last 24 hours.


saw that looks great just dying for that sort of functionality to be included in game. would really open up new options for organisers to make races more interesting.


How about when the climb portal gets released we could do all the KOM’s, bypasses, circuits, and flats!

I don’t think that the climb portal is what you expect it to be.

i think the word portal is making people think it will transport you somewhere that already exists in the game. My understanding is that you enter somewhere that is based on a real life climb but won’t look like it. What is behind the portal will change to different climbs a little like world rotations do.

Yeah, pretty accurate.


not bad for a monday!

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What I’m saying is that we could do some roads in Watopia, go through the portal (whatever road it will be even though it may change the next day), and do some other roads in Watopia and this would get me all the Watopian roads including the climb portal. What I’m saying is that won’t it be part of Watopia or France? Also if there’s a bridge from the summit of the portal to the summit of ADZ or Mt. Vontoux, that would save some time and miles instead of having to climb the ADZ or Mt. Vontoux as well by going all the way around, to the volcano, and up the portal.

Yeah, I gleaned that from some of the speculation (leaks?) floating around a while ago.

If people haven’t looked at other platforms, Peloton offers some good examples of gamifying fitness like “Lanebreak”. It’s not realistic in terms of “world graphics” but you get lost in it trying to hit targets. I feel like it’s a smart move by Zwift to try stuff like the Climb Portal - effectively “mini-games” within the larger Zwift ecosystem. (ditto “Repack Rush” with Mario Kart-like mechanics)