Watopia 2025

So - here is the updated Watopia map with everyone’s input from this post for Zwift HQ’s consideration… <Updated as of 3-19-2024>

There was a previous topic like this including ideas of linking up additional climbs (Col de Sarenne) to the top of Alpe (with the balcony road).

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YES! I hope this becomes a reality!

There’s enough bandwidth to do both in 2024.

I previously posted a similar map (back in 2020).

  1. I love your southern climb of Col Du Zwift. There’s plenty of candidates for route profile, in addition to full custom. I nominate the Old La Honda climb portal. This is a super-popular SF Bay area climb IRL, and would fill a nice niche in Watopia climbs.
  2. I propose an additional road connecting Alpe de Zwift to the northern and southern coast roads, allowing access to Alpe without the jungle.
  3. I propose a “backside” climb of Alpe. This would gain approximately 1000 meters.
  4. I propose some “inland” climbs on the western coast road. For example, the Cipressa is already a climb portal and would fit nicely. Poggio would also fit. Nice features many climbs which would also work.

Here is my map from December 2020. Obviously it’s a bit dated now, but features some of what I propose.

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In Zwift’s Southern Coast expansion they added a town called “Ciudad La Cumbre” which apparently means “Summit City”. As you ride through the town square, if you look up towards the Col du Zwift you see a big straight road going straight up the mountain. That’s the obvious place for Zwift to choose for the next route up the mountain.


Daniel: Your 2020 map was interestingly prophetic! Are you (or have you been associated) with Zwift HQ? I do think something like a combination of our two ideas will make for a vastly improved set of options for Watopia going forward. I did include one fun idea - which is to allow tunnel road through the major pyramid - allowing the ZHQ creative artist team to have some fun with a possible Indianna Jones look and feel for a ride through the base of that structure!

Daniel: In my reply to your post, I neglected to mention that your idea of having a cut-through (connector) running north & south that allows access the Alpe without having to go through the jungle is a must for the expanded Watopia map we both envision. It would also enable a great figure eight route and would not force a rider to completely travers the western half of the island to get back to the original section of Watopia. As Zwift HQ knows from user stats, the more options a map has, the more it will get used (as proof, look how popular the simple KOM bypass connector is)…

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@Stan_Yeatts : no connection with Zwift. Just a user.

I like your tunnel idea!

It’s interesting coming up with candidates for a backside-L’Alpe climb. Of course IRL there’s [
Col de Sarenne, which is gorgeous, but not so famous as a climb. But anything sufficiently switchbacked with around 1000 vertical meters net gain would work. Stelvio Pass is an option, as long as you do what RGT did and not start all the way in the valley (final 13 km, perhaps).

Here’s an idea I had a while back. Maybe put a backside to the Alpe and kind of like a “sister city” to downtown? Thoughts?

Here’s an idea (it obviously could be shorter a not exact, but similar to how Alpe du Zwift mimics the feel of Alpe d’Huez. Just an idea, name I came up with would be Haleakatopia (to make it sound Zwifty).

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I feel like one of the most-needed things is more starting points. More pens. Put one at the base of the Alpe. Anywhere you’re thinking about drawing lines on the map, think about where the pens are.

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I don’t really see why you can’t just choose where you want to be placed on the route you choose.

maybe restrict it to certain places along the route to stop people dropping themselves at the top of the alpe and freewheeling down the repeatedly


I keep saying I think they should scrap pens. I think we should be able to start events and rides from anywhere (or at least from any arch) and get rid of pointless and confusing lead-ins.

Yes, that could work, but it has to be gravel like the jungle to give the gravel devotees something enjoyable, they obviously will love riding a big gravel climb. :cowboy_hat_face:

Expansion to the southern coastal road would be awesome
I really like this expansion anyway as Routes like the Big Ring and Sugar cookie have become some of my favourite routes in all the worlds.
I love really long loops so anything super long gets my vote