Watopia Foothills Loop

Something like this idea is possibly what Zwift HQ is planning to release later in October '17, but to put in our 2 cents, several of us like the idea of a longer semi-flat addition to Watopia. This idea creates a rolling loop around the Zwift Alps (with a few short climbs) to enable longer lap rides/races. This big loop consists of two sections: The first makes an expansive loop around the foothills of the Zwift Alps, and the second connects the two Mountain roads, completing the circle. (See the attached concept image) - and our thanks for Mr. Eschlange for (mis)use of his excellent Watopia map for this illustration!  

Good idea. Wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve figured out some or all of the new expansion coming in October.

That’s a pretty good shout but I’d also like to see a bit more connection with the existing course something like this addition? With the ability to join the existing course next to the snow tunnel/wobbly bridge.

Pretty good idea Mark. But im pretty sure that what you are suggesting is to much of an expansion as it looks like a lot of new road.


What you are suggesting is two new climbs plus a long route around the moutian? 

My Christmas list in it’s entirety…