Update on the next desired Watopia expansion...

This suggested example of new tarmac would provide a wonderful (mostly flat) racing loop, with many other options for new and unique course configurations – Including a mythical ride through the Chichen Itza-esque pyramid!

Check it out!

The route is nice but the very last thing we want is a long mostly flat route. Have it go up and down all the way along would be nice - watopia KOM type hilly.

or like a bigger version of esses

Maybe it could be villages and a city…

NOT like london though

That look like a long stretch of road, that will take some time to ride, and there is no options to turn onto the other roads once you are on it. 

Epic. How long it would be?

I would lovely see some hills (like in Richmond, 2-3minutes long, 15% would be ok) and dark underground tunnel :slight_smile:

Can’t we have a new world that’s different to existing ones? Maybe something that’s based on some grand tour landmarks?

Another climb please. 

This road will most likely be expanded on…

There are some suspicious-looking “roadworks” on the way down into the Jungle on one of the left hand bends too where the road could perhaps go straight on into a tunnel - reckon something might link up there? 

I believe this is where @Dan Burges is refferring to:


That’s the place yes :slight_smile:

I think those both will liknk up - they zwift workers probaly know a way in

An access road from alpine village to jungle over the mountains would be nice. this would give another long mountain loop and a chance to have a different way to jungle. A complete mountain loop to jungle and back could be available for someone who like to climb.

I’d love to see more terrain like the esses, the feeling where the trainer is loading up and backing off makes you feel you are riding something real. Maybe slightly more aggressive short undulations like we use for interval training (Fartlek) on the road

I agree with Mark, I’d like to see more rolling terrain with shorter 100-200’ climbs.  Climbs that last around 1-3 minutes along a longer flat route would be nice.

the road works in the above picture are not for expansion planed… there are becouse of the rock/clift fall on the road… look closer and you will see the dust road is arownd the fallen rocks…

In case you haven’t seen. The new expansion will be based on Alpe d’Huez and likely will start at that location.