Idea for new course expansion - rolling hills desert

With the addition of the awesome Mountain, I think a good follow up addition to the Watopia Map would be either an out and back or new loop that is similar to the flatter ironman courses.  Some short rolling hills to keep it interesting but nothing large to slow up, and get a breather on the way down, primarily a time trial.  Desert terrain would be ideal.  Imagine crossing the ocean northwest, scaling Banie and finding a desert on the other side all the way to Lale.  Or something as a loop northeast towards Puma on Watopia…


Food for thought!  Ride on!

Why not just have the Queen K highway!


Bah, something for everyone Michiel.  I think people would get a kick out of a long scenic zone where you have to rely on your own engine to maintain a key speed.  The results may even surprise some people :)  And the idea of a 10-15 mile KOM time trial, that could get fun


Hi Joshua,

I’ll add your tips to our request list right away. Hopefully people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar soon :slight_smile:

Thank you! 

On second thought I think that the people at Zwift could make a desert road interesting enough, with cool rock formations, cactuses and canyons. And maybe even a roadrunner and coyote thrown in for good measure;) And a series of rolling hills would be great for a good workout. A Queen K highway replica however would be extremely boring imho.

A route like Red Rocks Canyon would be nice. I could also imagine a long traverse through scenic desert valleys: over a pass, gradual descent, flat valley bottom between two mountain rangers, followed by a gradual ascent to the next pass, like the roads in northern Nevada.