Rolling Hills Course Expansion

Add a course expansion which has a lot of rolling hills. By this, I mean a route which consists of hills anywhere between 10 and 25 meters high that are about a 6-8% grade at steepest. There should be little if any flat between the hills. The fun thing is you can use your momentum from going down the hill to help you up a decent portion of the next hill. In some ways this landscape lends itself to natural intervals. On a group ride you can travel quite quickly over this terrain as it favors both the climbers and the heavier power riders.


As you have a kind of lag with the resistance on smart trainers, small hills where grade is constantly changing wouldn’t feel great. 

Smarttrainers are okay on gradually changing inclines, but to slow on the fast changing stuff.

Absolutely. Watopia could use a decent 20-30 mile extension which has rolling hills, a few flats and the occasional hard kick up.

Robert, I have a new 2016 Kickr and it seems to respond instantly to grade changes.

Mark, A 5-7 mile course expansion would suffice. I don’t think a 20-30 mile extension is needed.

Here are some Strava segments that illustrate the kind of terrain I would think would be fun and challenging in Zwift. This terrain lends itself to natural intervals, especially in group rides and races.

Sugarland east


Club Hollow



Here is a full ride profile which shows the kind of terrain near where I live. It is constantly up and done, but it is a lot of fun and is never boring.

Wow Jeffrey, you have a nice route to ride, I’m jealous. 

Rolling hills. 2-3% grades would be awesome. 

+1 for rollers!

Zwift has great climbs. Zwift has plenty of flats. What it lacks is rolling terrain. Think something like the Esses on Wattopia but beefed up. Nice curved roads, rolling hills, and few short punchy climbs. I think many cyclists when they picture the perfect ride see that kind of road.

Please no more flats (volcano, Richmond, London, Ocean Blvd) but please give us the rolling terrain that is missing from Zwift! A nice new road snaking through the island somewhere would be PERFECT!

Agree! Would love more rollers. Hoping to see an expansion to the huge unused area on Watopia island.

I’ve heard the term “sprinter hillls” used. Small steep hills that a powerful heavier guy can power over in a minute or so. Makes for a great interval session.