Thanks for the expansion but still

Zwift, Thank you for the new extension (AdZ)  -excellent work!  Any extension is great for morale!  I rode most of it and really liked it!  Perfect placement on the island too!


I need to say this again.  Why does EVERYTHING in Zwift have to be either / or ___?

Could we please get some rolling terrain with several short punchy climbs  (think Belgium)  /__/___/\

Like those who waited 2 years for AdZ, Ive been hoping for this!  I hope someone is listening at Zwift?

Thanks again for the extension.

I agree, I love the alpine routes, the detail is fantastic and the terrain totally different to what I can ride around here, BUT I use Zwift as an alternative to going out on busy roads and try to do the majority of my training with it which means most of the time I need flat to rolling roads plus a few hills to cycle out to for hill repeats. I think a lot of people just want more roads to add variety to their longer rides. A 90km flat to rolling route around the base of the new mountain with a few optional detours up the hill would be fantastic (perfect for everyone - Ironman included).

I can’t see them releasing such an aggressive route without other easier routes to be released soon.

Zwift’s focus now seems to be climb, hilly routes and race…
With every new release new or even same bug’s are there.
We that don’t like hilly routes have one to choose from on Watopia…
Flat roades, flat routes and give ride leaders tools to kick riders that don’t follow the rules from there events.