Watopia update frustration

(Erwin Mul) #1

Hi all,

First of all I want to say how much i love the idea of Zwift!


Just saw the email about the new update!

Pretty cool to have the option to stay on the flat!

Anyway, what irritates me is that they can upgrade a route but how hard can it be to make more maps? And give us the right to pick the map we like to ride!

 I mean we pay for this and the Zwift HQ tells us what to ride! 

Its fine for now, but i think a lot of people will leave if there wont come more real life routes and a way to pick what you like!

I know they cant implant the Mont Ventoux, Alpe d’uez or Galibier in a week…

But in fact it would me GREAT to get on those hills! I mean there already is a UCI route, so it IS possible.

Or how about the Amstel Gold Race, as more of a flat’ish’ race!




(Bob Venturi) #2

Not sure what type of trainer you use, but I think what your after is available in a lot of other software applications, most notably Tacx TTS 4.

I think the point of Zwift is different from what you describe.  It is more about the MMO aspect rather than just riding alone on a classics course.  I think if you start diluting things with too many courses and too many options, Zwift becomes the other software which has been nowhere near as successful.

Personally, after having used the Tacx software … which offers almost exactly what you want with RLVs … I much prefer the way Zwift is doing things.

Just my opinion.

(Erwin Mul) #3


The trainer i’m using is the Tacx Neo, which is great btw!

First I want to say, like i did before, Zwift is great! Which i cant say about TTS 4!


I know zwift isn’t a RLV app! Thats why i use zwift cause i hate RLV…

That said, it would be nice to pick between tracks and locations! Been riding richmond most of the time! I mean, dont make hundreds of tracks like tts! 

But give us some more choices!

I really like the POV Zwift is having, the socials aspect, the way you can pull yourself up on a better rider! but we pay, so i think we can have some choices. 

We dont need 20 tracks!Although it would be nice to have some Real life flat tracks and some hill and mountain tracks in it!


I did try almost all trainer software on the market! And zwift is the only one that can get me on the bike inside!



(Gilles L.) #4

Yes cool to have the option to stay on the flat in Watopia, But after 3-4 days will not have this option in Richmond no sense to me.

(Bob Venturi) #5

@Erwin … I certainly understand where you are coming from.

I just think Zwift needs to be careful with their formula, as so far it is the only one that has caught on with a sizable base of users.

If you look back at the others Netathlon, Tacx, Kinomap, etc., they went with a lot of variety in courses, but never achieved anything like Zwift has mainly because they never got a lot of riders together in one place.

I think when Zwift has enough users to maintain the MMO aspect over a variety of courses, they will do it.  I don’t think they are anywhere near there yet though.

You can easily screw up a a successful product by expanding too fast or with too many options.

(Erwin Mul) #6

Bob, i just don’t hope people are leaving zwift due to a lack of choices!

(Naveed Ramadan) #7

Good insight Bob, I think you hit the nail on the head. 

(Mitch De Jode BZR) #8

I’d rather have a complete expanded Watopia that lets me choose my route. Than the Mont Ventoux on my trainer. Goddamn, that is one boring ride on a trainer.

(Lee Cable) #9

If you get a chance, listen to the Zwift podcast “Zwifcast”. The presenter asks some pointed questions and gets answers as to why the course choices are a big deal. he also has some hints for the future of Zwift.