Choose map on full version

Hi, I wasn’t sure if this was posted already and I couldn’t find it through search.

Will you be able to choose which map you want to ride on in the full version? Currently we are able to ride on and the game selects map gets used on that day. But looking at more structured training, will we be able to choose which map we want so that we can do flats one day, hills a day later etc.

this should be a no brainer, you can ask people to pay to be told what ride they will be doing each day.

I totally agree this has to be in place for day 1, and they need to add a flat course - i don’t care if it is like the velodrome in bkool, but there needs to me a flat course on launch.

Agreed to both comments above. Additionally what I personally feel is currently missing as well is a solid climb. Watopia offers minimal elevation. And although the gradient in Richmond offers a good resistance, there’s even less actual elevation involved.

Making it two interesting maps, however the base training as already pointed out by Douglas is lacking, and actual climbs are currently absent as well. As such Zwift right now is an interesting extra, however does not yet fully replace need for other software.

I think the key here is to strike the right balance between course options and how spread out the community is over the courses.  One course at a time is naturally simpler but I’ve seen other virtual riding systems where there are a handful of people on every course and it seemed like you could have a good community ride if there were fewer courses.  It is a trade off.

It will be interesting to see how the work out mode addresses some of this because if you want a velodrome type warm up I could see it doing this (aside from the visual) and if someone wants sustained climbing then watts are watts and a 2x20 interval set could do the job.  I’m just speculating but it may be possible to have these experiences without course explosion.

For me, I would easily trade off fewer people to be able to ride a workout in the manner that is best for me on a given day.  

If I want to ride 100km one day, I don’t want someone else deciding that “hey it is on a course with a ton of climbing”.  

There doesn’t have to be 20-50 courses to choose from, 5-6 would be sufficient. Just something for everyone.  and what is missing from the mix right now is a medium flat loop, and as someone else pointed out a long sustained climbing loop


I loved the original Zwift Island and I find the Richmond course quite challenging (esp the climbs!), but not a great fan of Watopia. But I feel for the paid version it would be nice to choose between them (and also a flat course). 

So, can we have Zwift Island back please?

Isn’t the idea to expand Watopia so there are several routes all leading off from it? Just as you would find in real life you could choose which way to go, parts of it would naturally be quieter than other parts, but that’s how it is in real life too.

I realy, realy hope that Zwift enabels us (now paying users) to choose what course we want to ride and stops choosing it for us.

Now days I have to plan my training to the days when Watopia is on, I realy do not lika Richmond, riding street up and down in a town is not my coop of coffee.

We have Island (5k), Watopia (9k) and Richmond (16k), put them in a list and show how many active riders they have and let us choose our own map to ride.  

Zwift, do U follow this tread? some feedback would be nice…

Ditto, though I was expecting a sort of BKool like ability to create a route from a Google Earth route.  In the real world, most (> 95%) of my rides are solo. I’m ok with not running into other riders for a while on a long ride.

Zwift please ad a mountainous loop to Watopia and kick Richmond down the road. I am to the point where I will not ride if Richmond is the course of the day. 

As far as a mountain loop, I’d like to see a steady 5-8% grade for 15km something with many switch backs


Iam new in that and i really enjoy it.

but for 10 dollars a month I’ll find it fair to freely choose a map where i want to ride, For community reasons, events, races i find this restriction and map planning comprehensible, but most of the time i want to train at my own and in reality iam also not forced to ride a certain place or route. So, is there no offline mode or simply a training mode where i can choose the map and the route?

This isn’t fair, and i hope its going to be fixed this winter. 

Even the paid version doent support that! 


You can edit the world tag and ride any map and route you like:

As for off-line mode, that is fairly easy to do, just disconnect your WiFi or network cable after you begin riding and you will be alone on the map, just make sure you connect back up before ending your ride so all the data gets uploaded.

More improvements to Zwift are coming, and I am sure they will need to be accelerated after yesterdays announcement of a price hike. 

Thank you for the quick response. Yep that works! :slight_smile:

Best reguards, so I can train now on certain circuits for upcoming races for example or just for me alone. Thats pretty good and makes fun!

The map hack needs to become a simple option within the game.  Requiring people to edit xml files is a sure way to scare a lot of people away even though it’s easy.  

The need for such a feature is becoming ever so great. A few years ago the reasoning to not have this available was often attributed to wanting Zwift to be a social phenomenon.

As it stands however the roads are completely jam packed with nearly up to 4k riders on at times. Just about always drafting through a continuous stream of people isn’t needed. And since expansion of the road network cannot keep up with the increase in cyclists it only makes sense to allow us to choose.