Where is Map Choice? by Jon Mayfield

In case you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, our very own @Jon shared some thoughts on Map Choice (also known as “world swap”). This has been our highest voted feature request for a while now, as exemplified by our own community here: World Switching Please

Link to Jon’s article: https://zwift.com/news/9309-mapchoice

I’m not so concerned with how you do this - as long as I’ll never have to ride NYC with 5000 active zwifters again, it’s an improvement. If it means I’ll never have to ride NYC at all again, that’s just perfect :wink:

But I’ll be honest and say, that if we end up with a “Watopia+1”-scenario, I don’t really see myself leaving Watopia…

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Is nice! Looking forward to these updates landing! :smiley:

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I am glad that Jon posted this. Even more frustrating than not having World Choice has been Zwift’s complete silence (up to now) on the topic even though it is one of the most requested Features on the forum. This will be an improvement and it can’t come too soon


I think the big thing, especially as a new zwifter, is that I dont like having the same map for days and days in a row. When I was stuck on New York doing a training plan five days a week, it really hurt the experience as I just fundamentally dont like the map. Two days in a row, cool, three? Eh…variety is the spice of life.


I agree, base map should be Watopia and it could be extended with some nice climbs from London and Innsbruck.

For me personally the introduction of NY and the fact that it is scheduled quite often is a reason to look around for alternatives.

I have…there isn’t another alternative. I’ve always missed Zwift whenever i stray. It’s got the right mix of everything…it’s not perfect but it sure feels pretty OK. I’m perfectly happy with it as it is now.

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Great blog by @Jon. I think it’s great that he has been so candid about the business drivers behind the map choice, which (I hope) help to placate all those whinging about how Zwift “doesn’t care about its users”.

I like the idea of an airport, but I definitely disagree with a jet. Let’s see bicycle-powered copters taking us to the guest world!

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I’d like to wish you good luck with that.

The only direct alternative that I can think of is Road Grand Tours and let’s be honest… RGT doesn’t even come to Zwift’s heels for a multitude of reasons but most importantly exactly because of what Jon talks about in his blogpost: there’s like 15 different maps and 50 users online… on all maps combined that is. It’s like Zwift in the early days with the blue ghost riders except much much MUCH emptier.

I for one am gonna be happy with the Watopia + 1 other map option. This way Watopia offers a suitable terrain for everyone at all times AND the additional map brings some variation.
I am also mostly happy because Zwift actually released a statement on this subject which has been a hot topic for some time now.


Its good to eventually here something on this, there has been silence for too long.
However it still offers less choice than zwift preferences. For many of us a session on a turbo is a time limited event. The idea of having to go into watopia and then navigate to where i actually want, is just going to waste more. Nothing like making a simple solution complicated. Really why can’t you just log into zwift, choose your bike, choose your world, training session etc and off you go.


Great to hear, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

My thoughts:

  1. Do away with ‘different’ worlds altogether.
    Make Innsbruck, London, New York & Richmond boroughs/towns(or even separate islands) in Watopia (similar to now how the jungle/alpe route is off on its own via a winding long road, hidden by the landscape.

this way you have one unified world to ride in (like an MMO!!) and no requirement at all for any sort of calendar or world switching.

when you build a new course (even ones based on real locations) they just become a new island or new area of Watopia.
(I really cant believe you aren’t going down this route already??!!)

  1. for the love of god code in MMO chat functionality.
    I am fed up to the back teeth having to see group leaders chat and group chat spammed globally.
    I also don’t want to see mindless chat from complete strangers spamming the right hand side of my screen.
    Allow us to filter chat by free riders, workout riders, event riders, group riders, friends.
    Allow me also to block/mute people.
    CHOICE PLEASE to hide annoying chat and to join/leave chat channels (Global, Event, Group, Friends, workout, free ride)

  2. Allow us to hide groups of riders
    If I’m free riding, I only want to see other free riders.
    I am not interested in seeing workout riders (as they are doing their own thing and you cant really ride with them)
    I definitely do not want to see enormous group/event/race peletons destroying my frame-rate!
    CHOICE PLEASE to hide rider avatars by rider types

  3. If I want to ride solo/alone, that’s my choice, allow for it.
    I like riding alone in real life (I’m a TT’er, its what I do week in week out)
    Solo play and solo players are a very real and valid form of any game/hobby.

Superb talk on this very subject:

“In this classic GDC 2011 talk, BioWare Austin’s Damion Schubert discusses the rationale for solo playstyles in MMORPGs, the need to cater to this playstyle from a business point of view, and the design intricacies of providing solo play without invalidating the ‘massive’ parts of your game design.”


RGT is a bit flat. I tried it for Zwift Insider but never published an article. It did make me appreciate Zwift even more.
Despite Zwift hacks, races are few and far between for Richmond. I don’t get the same race situations on London and New York as Watopia Hilly and Volcano. I pretty much just race Watopia. (Never found a race on the new London hilly extensions.
The jungle circuit is okay for races (don’t like the dirt devils) except that the race starts so far away that by the time you are over the main climb toward the Jungle turn, the race is mostly determined by that.
I expect the expansion on Watopia to be at the construction cones in the jungle loop, which again, will be for riders at level 10 or higher.
With the new updates and no Richmond dates, I can’t hack Richmond unless I open and edit the main file on my gaming computer. At least keep it twice a month…and easily add a reverse!
As for Jarvis returning, why oh why? Pointless.
Improve Richmond rather than bury it.

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This cannot come soon enough. If I never have to ride the NYC course again I would be very happy. I try to skip Zwifting on New York days

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Its been over two months since Jon Mayfield’s post; I am shocked that this hasn’t happened yet. Until this get resolved they should definitely avoid scheduling NYC on weekends


Since they have NYC today and tomorrow I am going to check out Virtugo today and Road Grand Tours tomorrow to see what they are about and to not have to ride NYC. They rarely even schedule Richmond anymore and I’d much rather ride that course than NYC. Too gamey for me


Trouble is, we are still stuck with the Zwift calendar - except for Mac and Windows users using the world hack. If Zwift allowed us all to easily choose worlds they’d soon learn which ones we like best, and maybe they would be surprised. At present they’re forcing their choice on us.

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Key is still like mentioned above, keep it simple as we have restricted time for our indoor trainings. Don’t make it complicated with too much choices because after all, we want to startup fast, get on the bike and do our thing with no-hassle. If it gets complicated, it’s a no-go and too much time-consuming for most users. We’re not getting ready for some hours of gaming, just making indoor rides more fun but riding is still the main focus, not selecting and tuning and whatever other selections. Watopia + 1 world is a nice feature. Combining all (existing) worlds is also great. Pity is that we, humans :slight_smile: always want to have changes. We always think that the grass is greener elsewhere but don’t forget that when things get complicated, we usually turn around and walk away… :wink: