Is anyone else sick of London?

So far this month, London has shown up 13 times. Next month it is 14. Is anyone else sick of it. New York and MK have some great rides but they always show up together. France has great rides too but you never see them. France shows up 4 times next month and probably not on days I am riding.

How about some balance or at least have something else other than Richmond and Yorkshire with London. I am sick to death of Box Hill. Graphics are poor and nowhere close to MK. Get with it Zwift.

“No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”
— Samuel Johnson

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! :grin:


No, I like riding in London. As for MK I don’t like riding there it is to busy (to many lights), I prefer the open roads. I tend to ride every day so I just go with the flow.

We are all different some months it is more London other months less.


If you feel that strongly about it then you should use Zwift Pref.
I don’t have the new Home Page (yah, GO integrated graphics :crazy_face::+1: ) but I think it should still work.

It still works, just not for people using tablets or Apple TV.

I find Richmond to be the world I avoid the most. There’s just not enough there. It could use a good gravel route with long climbs through the trees.


The tablet solution I use (I Zwift on an iPad) is to create a Meet Up. I only invite one other person (who I told a long time ago that I use him for this, so he’s not surprised by it), and then I can choose from any world and any route. Personally, I like to set the Distance to .1 mile, so that the yellow beacon goes away quickly. I just don’t like the look of the beacon on me while I’m riding. Sure, the world I choose will be pretty empty, which can feel lonely. But when I want to ride a specific world or route, I can do that, even it it’s not on the rotation that day.

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No problem with London personally, but it is odd how there’s no Makuri Islands (or New York) on rotation between 21st April and 12th May. Nearly three weeks.


Yup. Moved to Switzerland last year. Never moving back.


Ehh London’s ok. It does seem to be in the rotation a bit too often lately though. Riding in empty worlds can be boring but I just worldhack if I’m not in the mood for it, or if you have the new home screen you can pick any world and route after picking a workout (and quit the workout if you just want to freeride).

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Slide to the side and watch a movie!!! When it’s raining at my place and I’m bored, I jump on and ride in London! WHICH IS ALWAYS RAINING! (That was a little overstated but a lot of you know what I mean! :joy:)

yeah but at least there’s less pigeon sh*t on the ground in zwift than the real place

How about some new (preferably long) routes in France taken from the TdF, for example?

You could have multiple short routes joined together in sequence (e.g. village to village) so you could ride a small part of it or the entire thing in one go.

You could even do the same thing with the one-day Classics.

London is ok, but rotation could be improved. France and Makuri, besides watopia are my personal favorites, and many others so odd it’s not availabe more often.
In general i try to avoid city cycling, what is the point ?
Insbruck is nice, but the city in Makuri try to stay way from it as far as possible…

Expand Watopia with some more climbs, a different route to go up to the other side of Alpe du Zwift, utilise the real Col du Sarenne as inspiration perhaps.

This was actually mapped out by someone here already.

Apart from that, I’ve always suggested expanding Innsbruck to a full world utilising nearby roads and climbs like Kühtai and Timmelsjoch then also eventually going down to Vipiteno.

I realise that has some hefty climbs so not everyone will enjoy it. But you can also have the Brenner autobahn as the alternative.

[Paris has entered the chat.]

For what it’s worth, some worlds have grown on me - thinking New York specifically. Paris though… it’s just another crit course and a waste of a guest world most of the time.

EDIT: agreed, just merge Paris with the France map and leave a slot open for something else - frankly, I’d like the same of London and Yorkshire - make it the “England” map, leave a slot open for another map. Watopia and Makuri are current fave maps.


Why they didn’t join Paris and France is beyond me.


I like London, it has a good mix of flat routes and hilly routes and it is easy to get from one to the other.

I know it won’t happen but if you could join, Paris, Richmond and Innsbruck together I think that would make for a pretty decent world too.

I don’t really like new york or yorkshire, there isn’t enough consistent gradients for me lots of rolling ups and downs or short but very sharp climbs followed by very steep declines.


Guessing because when synced to GC or Strava the Paris route overlays onto actual Paris roads and France doesn’t overlay onto real life French roads.

London has a similar problem in that the warp tunnel to the Surrey Hills doesn’t exist in real life so Box Hill/Leith Hill etc are overlaid on London city streets (or through buildings). Could do the same with France/Paris, but I assume they didn’t because unlike London the real roads are a tiny proportion of the overall France and Paris routes.

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You have basically described Yorkshire there …

I think a far too under-used circuit for races is Grand Central or its reverse, a moderate hill, speedy descent on the other side and then lightly rolling flat back to the start. Would be brilliant with a good sized field, skinny climbers gaining on the ascents and then hopefully being pulled back through rest of lap by the rest of us.